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My Love Was Taken Away

Lets call this teacher Daniel. He was 22 and it was his first year teaching. My friend introduced me to him at a school football game. He coached soccer and my friend played on varsity. The first thing I noticed was how hot he was, but his personality soon over powered his looks. He was wearing one of those funny looking hats that had the flaps that go over your ears and it was all furry. The first thing he said to me was you know you love my hat. I giggled a bit and responded with it is lovely. That was back in October. After that we would chat in the hallway at the end of the day before i had to catch the buss. We would talk about video games and sports. He was amazing. We had so much in common. Well, I started having a bunch family problems at the end of December. Ohh I forgot he tutored me once in November becaus me teacher SUCKED. Anyway, I was going through and still is going through a legal battle. Custody if you must know. I would talk to him about it. He would always assure me that everything would be alright. This eventually got me emotionally attached to him. The first week in February someone I didn't know messages me on aim. It ended up being him!!! My mother found a transcript on the computer ofnour conversations and sent them to the school. Since there was nothing criminal at all nothing was done other then scaring the **** out of us. I ad to talk to two detectives that time. I wrote him a VERY long letter explaining myself and saying sorry. He responded and the letters continued. The relationship was mutual. April 10 was one of the worst days of my life. The teacher heard a rumor that we were having sex, which wasnt true. I'm a virgin. I could see a tear in his eye about to run down his face. This killed me on the inside. I immediatly tested my father about the rumor. He responded with your mother found some letters between the t of you. My heart sank. I checked for the letters and I still had them. She photocoppied them and put them back. She then gave them to the school and police, and sent me to school. She knew I was going to be pulled and questioned. That was exactly what happened. I was stuck in the office for a while being pummeled with questions. There were so many emotions running through my head. Mostly what was Daniel doing and feeling right now. The next days I was questioned by a detective again. That saw day I jus blew and tried to slash my mothers tires. She felt that she needed to lie about what happened and told the psychologist that I went after her with a knife. He called crisis which made me go to the hospital. I as then sent to the psychiatric are of the hospital. I was there or a week. All they found was an overload of stress. I was going through a very hard time. By the way an article was printed about the situation in the loocal news paper. Rumors spread like wild fire. I then had to go to a program as an after therapy program. I was there for 2-3 weeks. Now I am home bound. There was another article stating that the teacher resigned. There were comments stating that he was a predator and such. Students even started telling their parents that he would try and keep them after class. These accusations were not correct considering I was with him after most of the classes. The last time I saw him wasin school April 10, with a tear in his eye. He is my first and only love. I cannot contact or see him ever again. We used to have hour long conversations every night on the phone. He was the only person I trusted; and he was taken away from me. I love him with all my heart and cry everyday when I think about him. His teaching certificate was takwn away ad he cannot teach ever again. I believe I ruined his life an I have never been the same since.
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Sweetie, your mother really jumped to conclusions. She could of taken the time to listen and understand you. That was the more motherly thing to do. If this happened to me, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I know you won't believe me when I say this, but it was not your fault. You said he got his teaching certificate taken away. Did he go to prison? Also, was he mad at you for this?

your mom sucks, sorry

Wow, this is so tragic. I can't imagine being told at such a relatively young age that I could never work in my chosen field again for the rest of my life. I guess this is why male teachers are becoming fewer and fewer these days, just trying to be a mentor and guide to a young person can make you the target of such a witch hunt. I feel so sorry for this poor man,everything he'd ever worked for, ruined; I hope he doesn't suffer any more than he already has... :(

Another male teacher fed to the more step towards establishing a feminist school system to brainwash boys into weak, drug addled eunuchs to be slaves to women and the state.

I hope you learned an important lesson here, and you realize that what happened to Daniel is also happening to hundreds of thousands of men across the whole spectrum of society.

Now you see what happens due to feminism spreading hysteria and calling all men sexual predators, men get chewed up and spat out while nothing bad happens to you.

Remember what happened the next time someone tells you about "rape culture" and that women are sooo are the oppressed ones, it is women like your mother who are the chauvinists and oppressors.

The man is "guilty by accusation". A simple rumor was more than enough to completely ruin his life. Men are afraid to enter teaching professions because of this environment and as a result, there are something like 90% female teachers who (obviously) don't know how to relate to boys which are falling behind and have been for decades. Still, all we hear about is how we need to encourage more women to get further and further ahead in education/careers and so forth. Even this experience has turned into nothing more than sympathy for the girl and ZERO sympathy for the guy who's life/career/reputation was completely and utterly destroyed from nothing more than a rumor. Well, nevermind any of that. Just call me a "hater". Say that i am being all "judgemental". Tell me i am being "jelly" and that i need to show support or something. Flag, ban, spam me, report me for harassment for trying to share the TRUTH. It's all good right? YOLOOOOOOOO!!!

I'm so sorry. The whole thing is really so silly since there's such a small age gap. If you love each other then you should be able to be together. Don't feel guilty, it wasn't your fault. I hope you find the strength and courage to recover and move forward.

Thats horrible parenting spreading rumors about your own kid. More damage than good..all she had to do was pull you out of school and take you to the doctor instead she ruined his. Life and damaged. You i hope you and the teacher find it in your heart yo forgive your mother and heal your selvrs

Sad story.. yes talking to your teacher. About such a personal attached you emotionally...your parents should have gotten. You a counselor at thst time my niece had problems when shecwas 16 and started talking to a guy in school about it and ended up pregnant by him...

do you know the song. Girl youll b a woman reminds me of you
..maybe they shouldn't put 22 year old teachers in high school.

Yea, songs are cool!! It's definately the guys fault for sure. YOU GO GURLLLL!!! GIRL POWERRRRR!!!!

wait until you are 18 and search about him :)

Hopefully by then he'll be beaten down and broken man. Maybe he'll be living under a bridge in a cardboard box cause he lost the career he worked so hard to attain then got fired in the worst economy in 4 generations. Nevermind all that silly "reality". Where were we...oh yea...that poor little princess who had some emotional feelings. That poor girl! Lets show her some support ladies cause no man deserves sympathy, compassion or fairness or anything!! GURL POWERRRRRRR!!!!!

I cried! :(

Not always a happy ending. Im sorry....

Look up his whole name in and write him a letter and don't mail it from your house. Tell him how psycho and nosey your mom is and you didn't know and how you feel. You got nothing at all to lose.

Poor you! Yousound like an amazing person, and i know how you must have felt with the psychiatrist. Most people don't know they are actually crazier than their clients, and only help because their in the same situation

AAHhhh !!!!! ;( my heart is broken now !! i am so sorry.

I'm sorry.

This is so heartbreaking and devastating! I'm so so so so sorry :'(
I know you must feel terrible, but I hope the most Daniel is okay! He must be going through such a rough time, oh my God. If you ever need to talk, there's so many people here, including me, for you. Best thing is you can remain anonymous, so you don't have to be afraid. Please keep us updated if you can. <3

I'm so sorry... please, tell me how you are now! Have you talked to him after that/

I'm sorry :(

I kind of hate your mom after reading that story. Sorry all this happened. Everything will work out for you in the end.

That's terrible, but it's not really all your fault, if you still feel like that i think you should try to talk to him some way and be careful so your physco mom doesnt look for the messages. Best of luck, :)

I am crying, I am so sorry that this happened too you, I am in love with my teacher, but he doesn't even know who I am, this makes me feel so sad, I really think that you should now try and contact him, he isn't a teacher so what can people do about it? hope everything gets better! x

You should try and contact him- now that he's not in school anymore everyone can shut the **** up. It was an unfair ending for you both.

This is an awful thing to happen. I'm sorry that you were torn from each other and that he lost his license. People are so cruel sometimes.

Im so sorry this happened to you. This is such a sad story. for both of you guys. But he should of known better. You were under age.

Aww I hope things get better...but really dislike your mom

I'm crying, I feel so sorry for you and him.
I hope one day, when your older, he will appear and y'all can be together<3

Oh I'm so seems so unfair!what kind of mom could ruin her child like this?!

Nothing wrong in this your mum was wicked to do that to you. He's only 22, not like he's way older or anything. I wouldn't approve myself if I had a daughter seeing someone way older but 22 is okay and your mum is in the wrong! i wish you the best. You're only young, and have your whole life ahead...take care

Oh honey.. I couldn't help but tear up at your story. I really feel for you, and your teacher. Oh my goodness... Your mother is horrible, and I hope she gets what she deserves! I can feel the pain in your story.. I hope one day you will see him again. I really do. You don't know where he lives? His phone number, or any possible way to contact him? Facebook?

None of that crazy mess should've ever happened to you. I'm sorry this happened, dear.. :'-( *hug*

Oh :(