Its So Painfull:(i Feel Like Sick:(

These days are supposed to be happy days for everybdy but for me arent happy at all.Since we closed for easter holidays i have been so sad.I really miss him soo much:(I cant stop thinking about him.I think about him everyday,sometimes i wonder if he thinks of me just a little bit,if he thinks how i feel these days.i mean he just doesnt care at all??I try to take my mind out of him but i just cant:(Every day i feel like im losing myself more and more...I wonder if now that we closed for 2 week holidays i miss him soo much it hurts then what am i going to do when school finishes in summer and then i will know that i will never see him again??How am i going to live then?I cant even imagine that.Last time i talked to him it was so hard for me.I couldnt have time then to tell him goodbye and tell him how much im going to miss him because he is always in hurry when i try to talk to him...:(.You know everyday and everynight I listen to songs that remind me of him because these songs ive been listening since last year and i still remember all these memories i had from him even if they are so little memories(which for him dont mean anything) but for me they mean everything.I feel like im trapped in these memories and every little thing reminds me of him....All this is so paifull that i feel like sick...I cant enjoy anything not even the holidays and this has made me sick.Also we start again school on 24 april and it seems to be that its so far.But after the holidays i dont think i will be going to school because in about a month our final exams are starting so we have to study...I may go one day or two but i dont know what else to do when i see him:(I feel like im trapped in him:(
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Hello, I hope that you are well. I am in a similar situation (my past teacher changed my life too) and I also listen to songs about my teacher that I love so much day and night. And after the end of this school year, in less than a month, we will not see much of each other. It is sad, but think about this--won't you run into him sometime, at the grocery store or something? I run into my teachers all the time out and about, and chances are that this is not the very, very end. I, too, am working on my letter to my teacher, but perfecting it is very difficult. I am a very easy crier and feel like I will probably cry when I am saying goodbye to my teacher too. But just hang in there, and maybe in the future you will probably meet more teachers that you love!!!

Thank you so much for your comment!You know we dont live in the same town with my teacher and after school finished he will probably go back to his town where he is from.He has only came here just to teach in our school and he will leave when school's over..thats why i may not see him again.I will never find a chance to talk to him and that really kills me:(...Im really sorry you feel the same too.It hurts too much all this.Youre planning to tell him about your feelings with a letter?I think its a good idea.Before you leave you can tell him everything..You know i gave my teacher a letter too with all my feelings inside but he didnt do anything:(..I cry everytime i think the last time that i will see him:(...And youre right,writing the letter is very difficult,it took me months to finish it.You know Im here if you need any help with the letter because i have done it too and i know how it feels:)wish you the best:)good luck!

Oh yeah I've heard of that one :) never really thought bout it but yeah it is quite relevant. There's no need to thank me so much lol I like commenting just as much as u like reading them ;)

thank you:)You know also heve you heard another song it really describes my situation?Its called 'Morandi-Love me''...its really so sad:(you can hear it if you want and tell me your opinion:)

completly relate to this, know how you're feeling.Whats your favourite song about him? have you listened to 'jason mraz- i wont give up' its my favourite x

Thank you very much for your comment:)I really appreciate it..oh i listened to that song and i really liked it:).You know one song that i can relate it so much with my teacher is 'Enrique Iglesias-Why Not Me'..I really love it and it kills me everytime i listen to it...It really reminds me of my teacher:(...thank you!