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Dream 4

So in two days time we are all going back to school. Am sorta looking forward to it but in another way am dreading it! I'm dreading it because, as it is drawing ever closer to the end of the year, I am scared that I will not see him as much next year or he will leave. It's not very likely he'll leave but it is a worry for me. 
Anyway, last night I had another dream about him! It goes like this: A small bunch of my History class went on a trip, which my history teacher and Mr C were on. We arrived in this sorta village like place and went into this old house where I there was a room with white wallpaper, a brown door and that was all. Beyond the door was a small passage way that way brown. Then there was another room the same as the one before it with some green camp beds in it. After an hour we had brought in a few TV's and we were all on beds, in are Pj's and watching TV. I was in the first room with a few teachers when I decided to go through to the other room. When I was in the passage way I saw Mr C, he was spread out on the floor, half asleep. I kicked his foot and started to laugh. I helped him up but he carried on holding my hand. As my geography teacher came through the door he dropped my hand and we both went through into the second room. I musta skipped a bit in my dream cuz the next bit of the dream is where me and my mate Joe were following Mr C down this road and Joe ran up to him and started talking about some sorta game. I was just like watching them and trying to follow. Joe was talking about how to kill some sort of monster when sir went, "Just knee them in the b******s! That's what I do!!" He sorta showed him what to do and I was just like Sir!! I know there was some more to what he said too.
The funny thing about these dreams I've been having is that they sound exactly like him! And when I remember how he speaks I just come over all funny, he talks a bit funny. It's like he speaks really fast and he is a right push over sometimes. I remember a joke he tried to tell in our house assembly which was a bit of a fail but I found it really funny and sweet. Of course I was the only one who was laughing and I started to shake with laughter when I tried to hold it in! 
Thanks for reading x
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