Exchanging Numbers :)

I was working in the school store with my 2 friends and Mr. H. He was laughing with me and smiling *sigh* oh and I think he's 46! Hes pretty hot for 46.
Mr. H: Who has a phone?
Me: I do!
Mr. H: Whats your number?
O.o?! I was jumping inside but outside I tried to keep as calm as possible.
I gave him my number and he called my phone so I'd have his.
It was surreal.
Me: Why did you need it?
Mr. H: So I can warn you guys if I see the administrator. (were not suppose to sell junk but our principal let's us because she knows that's the only why we could really make money for our trip before graduation)
Yeah so anyways, I have his number! Wow. Just....wow. And at about 3:30 he sent me a text saying "Make sure you lock my room."
Its awesome being able to text him!
Ok so that's it! Feel free to comment. :)
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

aww thats so cute wish you get more closer to him! I wish that for me too:)

I always used to die a little inside (in a good way) when I saw a text from him...as I too had his number, and he would text me daily. Not including the page long emails he sent me almost every day. I kid you not.

OMG!!!!!!I cant believe it!!!.Youre sooooo lucky:)Now you can find some excuses to phone him and you can talk by the phone, alone.Its really great:).

You could one time phone him just to lets say that you want to ask him something about your trip and how you can get some money for this..etc...