A Day That Changed My Life...

I hear the alarm clock. Eh five more minutes, I fell back to sleep. I slowly open my eyes and glanced at the alarm clock 6:35! I rush out of bed I cannot be late for this trip to NYC. I slipped on my turquoise jeans a sweatshirt, straightened my hair, and ran out the door. As soon as I got to school it was 7:30. We were scheduled to leave at 7:45. And when I mean we, Mr. O, and the rest of the graduation club, there was a total of eight people going on this trip including myself. I saw him, in his blue shirt, manilla pants, red tie, he looked like captain america. I saw him and he called me over, you ready *my name*. I replied oh yes with a smile. We got on the bus at 8:15, yeah way to be on time Mr. O, just kidding! I sat right behind him, it was a small bus therefore I could talk to my friends and not have to shout to him. I pulled my iPod out of my pocket and started to listen to music, this lasted about 45 minutes than, I hear his voice. *my name* hey what are you doing. I looked up pulled my headphones out of my ear and say, I'm watching Rocky IV on my iPod. Is that, so well come up hear and sit next to me so we can watch it. My heart pumped, I was speechless. I moved myself one seat up and turned on the movie. We both watched it as we arrived in the city. He made funny comments that made me laugh a lot. Oh how I love this man I thought to myself. As soon as we arrived in the city our first stop was the American Museum of Natural History. It had to be educational in someway Mr. O was told, so he took us here first. We entered the museum and we went to a 4-D short film first. We entered a dark room we had no clue what this really was about. Than as the room got full the lights went out. Of course I sat next to him and than as the room got darker and darker he put his hand on my leg and scared me and said I will protect you, than we both laughed. It was about space and stuff, the only fun thing about it was that it actually felt like you were in space! After the short film we explored the museum. We looked at animals, gems, ocean life, wildlife, all sorts of stuff. He was so hilarious he made jokes and comments that made everyone laugh. Than we left the museum we still had a good seven more hours to explore the city. We stopped to eat first. Oh how gorgeous he eats. I could stare at him all day.  After lunch we headed to central park and walked around. We took a lot of pictures. Than we roamed the city and I followed behind him starring at his gorgeous body.  Than we went to the zoo. While everyone was taking pictures of the animals I was taking pictures of him. He knows how to make a person's day. Around six when we left the zoo, we went to get something to eat. Again how he eats so handsomely, if the makes any sense. We were scheduled to leave at 7:45. So we just walked aound the city looking at things and having a great time. We headed to the bus at around 7:45, but did not leave until eight. Way to be on schedule, Mr. O just kidding! I did not care all that means is more time with him. Everyone walked on the bus and we were so tired. Walking around for seven hours straight that's a lot! Most people fell asleep except, Mr. O, my friend, and I. I will admit I was tired. Than he looked behind at me. Everyone is asleep, he yawned. I know I replied. Can we finish the movie he asked. I said certainly. I moved up next to him and we finished the movie. Afterwards I turned on The first Avengers. We started to watch that too. I moved my eyes to the left and saw that he was very tired. He was blinking his gorgeous blue eyes and looked like he was going to fall asleep any second. Well he did. I looked at his eyes and admired his face and than turned the movie off. I "pretended" to fall sleep to, since everyone else was. It was so peaceful. Than I felt his head lean on my shoulder I was like OMFG. I was in heaven at that point. Than I leaned my head on his knee and sleep on his knee. Wonderful I am still in shock, this was no dream it was real. Finally something is happening. Than he leaned his head the other way and I lifted my head up, moved my body and leaned on my side. I fell asleep on his shoulder. It was the best pillow I have ever used nothing can replace this moment, absolutely nothing. Than we were almost there and he woke up. *my name*, I was asleep, oh god, for how long? I replied well I did not know you wanted me to time it. He laughed. Than we got back to the school. Than everyone woke up. We stood up and he hugged me for like three seconds. I said thanks Mr. O this day was unforgettable. He said no problem. Have a great night *my name*. You too I said. From that moment on my life had changed before this I was thinking do I really love this man or do I like him. Now I know for sure that I love him. In love to be exact.
Sorry that this was long, it was just so great, please no rude comments, it was not his fault that he fell asleep on my shoulder, I did that accidentally to my brother once. :O Anyways thanks for reading leave comments!!
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OMG wow!! That is so amazing!! While I was reading that I couldn't believe what I was reading! He sounds so beautiful! Tomorrow I am going on my end of year trip to a theme park, and I know that my dt teacher who is everything to me and who I have been totally in love with for a year now, is going! I would do anything to have what happened to you happen to me tomorrow!! I so can't wait! Thank you so much for posting your story, it has put a huge smile on my face. I really do think I am in love with my teacher and it's so nice to know that other people are in the same situation as me and I'm not alone :) thank you so much :)

thank you!! and try to have special moments with him tomorrow! I hope you have a great time. I just wish I could relive 8th grade again. I miss him so much!

Aww I bet! I couldn't imagine being without my teacher at all, I feel so much for you :) thank you so much, I will try! :D

Hiiiya! Wow today was so incredible!! My experiences with my teacher today weren't quite as amazing as yours, but yet today he was so overwhelming and as always, I can't stop thinking about him! So I hadn't seen him all day and it got to lunch time at the theme park and I was getting worried that I wasn't going to see him. That all suddenly changed when me and my best friend saw him and a group of other teachers just standing talking. She kept pushing me and pushing me to go and say hello, but I was just so scared! All the teachers then started walking off and we followed in their direction. They were heading for one of the big rides which we hadnt been on yet and I didn't know what to do. I told myself that this was my chance and remembered you saying how you wish that you could relive the 8th grade, so it would have been stupid of me to miss the opportunity. So me and my best friend ran to the entrance, just in time to be right behind him in the queue!! I couldn't believe it and I didn't know what to say!! He said hi and I did too, but then he didn't talk to me for most of the queue line as he had his own friends with him. That was until we were just about to get on the ride when he kept laughing and joking with me (his jokes are so funny!) and then asked if me and my friend wanted to go infront because not all of his group could fit on the next ride, I thanked him and we joked some more about how he only did that just to see us cry before he did ;D when the ride left the station he smiled and waved at me, and I wish that that moment could have lasted forever! We saw him after we'd both been on the ride and we laughed about how silly our faces looked on the photo :D I didn't see him again after that, but just being stood next to him in the queue for that long was just so magical and incredible, and I will never forget when he smiled and waved me off! Sorry it was such a long reply (I guess I just got a bit carried away) but thank you so much for your support, and I hope you are well :) thank you :)

OMG I also had about the same exact experience as you!! I went to an amusement park for a class trip about one months and a half ago and he was with us and stuff! OHHH just message me!!! I'm excited now! :D

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I had to comment on this even though it will basically say the same as what i messaged you lol :$ This is sooo cute! I couldn't help but smile when i read this. Not only did he sleep on your shoulder, but you got a hug as well! :D lucky lucky you! Your teacher seems really lovely and you and seem really close, adorable :)

haha thanks for the comment!!! I did not expect any of that lol!

ACTUALLY I'm in tears. I would have given ANYTHING for that to happen to me. That was beautiful. Of course, the only time he was ever my chaperone for my group on a field trip, HE GOT SICK THAT MORNING, AND COULDN'T GO. =[

Oh my god wow, I didn't think someone would actually say that I was in tears too that night because I cannot believe that happened!!! Are you serious he got sick!!!!!!! Wow I would have like died... I'm sorry but you probably have some good memories with your teacher!! Good Luck to you!

yeah I was in tears cause it was hella beautiful. I think that maybe the reason we (in this group) continue to like these people are because they so obviously like us back.

Omg!!!Youre soooo lucky.That was an amazing day for you..:).And also its really great that from that trip you realized you true feelings for him..:)

Thank You for the comment! I am glad that I realized my true feelings too!! :D

Youre welcome:)good luck!!