Tragic News Made Us Stronger

As I said in another group one of my close friends sadly passed away 2 weeks ago RIP hun xxxxx. As I was walking down the corridor crying Mr D grabbed me and pulled me in his room and said 'I guess you heard the news then?' wiping away my tears i just nodded he gave me a tissue sat me down and just started talking about him. He said 'Life is too short that's why you should always be open with people, show them your feelings and tell them cause they might not ever know' i looked into his eyes and i just wanted to say 'Mr D i love you!'

As i got up to leave he went '(my name) wait!' i turned around and gave me a hug. the feeling of being in his arms i can't put into words! i just didn't want to let go. As we pulled away he said 'I know you already know this but I'm always here for you and i know this isnt the time but i hate seeing you upset and crying' I smiled and said 'thank you sir, same to you' we smiled and he rubbed my arms and said 'go on you, go home.'

The past few weeks hes been acting really weird and asking me weird questions. Me and my art teacher were cracking jokes and mucking around and Mr D looked really upset so i walked over and said 'hey sir, you okay?' he took me over to the english office looked at the floor and said 'looks like you and Mr W have been getting close recently' i looked puzzled and said 'yeah so whats your point?' he looked into my eyes and said 'what if he takes my place? what if its him you turn to if you're upset or have a problem?' i cracked up and said 'sir how stupid can you be? no one will EVER take your place! After all we've been through since you've been here? you think i'm just gonna throw that all away?' he laughed and said 'I know you're right, I'm sorry.'

Sorry its long haven't been on in ages!

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1 Response May 6, 2012

I dream about the day I finally get to hug my teacher! I get butterflies just thinking of the touch. Its crazy to believe that teachers can be one of the most important people in our lives. Sounds like you're pretty lucky, he seems reallly into you.