How My Love For Him Started And Grew.

Yesterday was an amazing day. Mr l and i talked and laughed non stop, and his smile just wouldn't slip away :) Ill tell you all the details oof what happend in another story, but first, on how it all started. Just so you can understand my love for him.

Iam his sun, He is my moon. 

I have liked this man for 10 months to be exact. the first time i saw him my heart started beating like crazy.. "He looks like that man in my dream." I said in my mind remembering that before i even saw him he appeared in one of my dreams saying he loved me. Astonished i wanted to learn more about this So called Mr L. (His last name means moon in a different language. But to be confidential im calling him mr l)
Its hard to forget that time when we first looked at each other. He was a new teacher that no one liked at first. Running away from his class in embarrassment i was walking down the hall untill i got a glimpse of him... Our eyes met... My heart stopped... He walked away not knowing what his motives were. all i could do was not worry, I mean hes my teacher.. Right?

The moment when our Sports administrator announced he would become our volleyball coach i almost fainted.. My face was red and my heart just went crazy.. How can this gorgeous man become MY volleyball coach. Each volleyball practice, Each volleyball game i would try my hardest just to impress the man i called Teacher and coach. Nothing came out of it though, He still didnt notice me.

I prayed and prayed, Wanting that this man could at least talk to me. And my prayers came true that Month in January when i got chosen for his Elective class. Each day we would talk and talk me and him, I would laugh at his jokes he would laugh at mine. He trusts me he said "You are one the only student i trust". of course that made me feel special, and happy. He made another day of being bullied A LOT better.

Things got worse on the bullying side.. Each day was another hurtful word. "you're ugly, whor*." I would come into Mr l class and feel at ease. I was with the person i loved and i didnt regret loving someone older than i was. He was there for me, he cared for me. He worried for me... I still remember those words "I got your back." And they still bring tears after so many months.

He was the reason i didn't commit suicide of stress, i wanted to keep living, i wanted to keep seeing him. Because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be typing this..
But as school is coming to an end, its almost time for me to say goodbye to the man i love untill next year.. tomorrow is our last class together and since i didnt go to school today, imagine the stress im feeling!
So, Mr l... I know you will never read this, but if one day you come across what i wrote i just want to let you know, Thank you for being there for me and for making me feel loved. Maybe I took it too personal that day when i heard you say about me "I like that girl, shes always laughing" Because you wouldnt love a student would you?
I promise mr l i will tell you what you mean to me.

Sorry if this was long XD ill continue on what happened yesterday in another story.
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Omg this is so sweet. I am almost crying. I did not know he meant this much to you. He seems like such a wonderful man. I can't believe one person can change your whole life. He stopped you from committing suicide and he cares about you. It can't get any better then that! I want to meet him and I want you to meet mr.o! Like that's ever gonna happen! :P Just some advice your last year of school. Make memories. Be with him as much as possible. Because if you don't you will regret it. Please do not think of your last year as a regular year because I have learned it's not.

you look JUST like my brothers gf. Shes 30, ofcourse a older looking version of you but... damn..... all the features are there. Yea bullying between girls can get nasty, she calls you a ugly ***** just say, go fuc* your dad you ****** bitc*. Saying immature jokes doesnt have to define you but in school everyones immature, you might as well play that part for as long as you're there.