I Hadn't Hugged Him In Months

Today I was talking to him about random stuff and we had a pretty great conversation considering how much I made him laugh. He tried to tease me by saying that I am dark but I'd say so too. There were moments when he glanced at me and held it for more than five seconds, probably because I smiled at him. Oh, and Mr. H and my other teacher are going to take everyone who works in our school store, which is like 5 or 6 people, to dinner after testing. When he told me that I got ecstatic! I hope I get a seat next to him.
So today after class I walked in and he was looking at the collage he made on the board, all the pictures taking by me btw, and I hugged him from the side which held his right arm down. He took his left arm and hugged my arm and smiled at me. Awesome moment!
And then afterschool I was waiting for the light to change wiith my friend and Mr. H and my other teacher pulled up in his car and looked at us and he smiled at me and starting laughing. I loved that so much. Anyways so that was my day! Thank you so much for reading this! Feel free to comment!
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

aww thats so sweet van you tell me what you thing of my song for my lover? Its on one of my stories but no1s commmented and I dont know if its good or not!

Im glad for you that you made it and hugged him:)Than must have been one of your happiest moments:)