Prom,people Know Now

Okay so its been a long time since Ive posted but today is my prom and im so excited :] I get to see Mr.S. but it sucks too because hes bringing his wife :/ like wtf? WHY THE HELL DOES SHE NEED TO BE THERE?!?! the prom is merged to the Juniors and Seniors and Mr.S is the Senior leader. about a week I was talking to him about prom and that he should wear some light blue in his suit so that we could match he did that sexy laugh but he said no and he said what he was wearing the suit he was wearing that day a regular gray suit white suit and grey plaid tie lol and no sweater vest?? well what would you expect a 30yr old to wear so yeah I dont really know why his wife is there when she doesnt need to be there. alot of people know that I have a crush on Mr.S like some students make jokes like for example I got new watch from another teacher and this guy in my class says "oh thats a nice watch, did Mr.s buy you that?'' I mean I find it funny and all but know some teachers know now like my world history teacher, there like broskies in a way but Im sure he wont tell so yeah thats it
LovexSweetz LovexSweetz
18-21, F
May 11, 2012