What The Heck? Experience 3.

Last Summer...

 My friends (people from my class) and I decided to go to one of my classmates' rest house at the beach. This friend is like... best friends with Mr. SJ (Like I said, young at heart, right?) so he lined our trip date with the school's institutional trip which is also gonna be at the same place---different resort but adjacent... almost.
 So the deal is, Mr. SJ and I were textmates, I mean, most of the students has teachers's numbers. Our trip date starts from the 7th of April till the 9th. On the 6th, I had my college entrance test at the state university and he even texted me good luck! :))))))) Funny, didn't want to look much into it.  And then on the 7th, we were on our way to my friend's rest house and he texted me: 'How was the exam?'
 Of course, I replied: 'Passed, but I didn't make it into the quota." Which is true. by the way, and which sucks terribly.
 Then eventually, our conversation stumbled to the trip blah blah. He said he wasn't coming coming and that he'd stay home. So I said that sucks and I thought our conversation's going to end at that point  BUT... he texted back.
 "How about you? Are you going with *My friend's name*?"
 I replied: "Yeah, we're actually on our way."
 "That's great! Have fun ;)" He texted back.

 I didn't reply. So when we arrived at my friend's rest house, the first thing we did was of  course switched to our swim wears and put sunblocks and then we decided to go to the resort where the teachers are gonna be staying. ALAS, when we got there, he was playing soccer with the other teachers. 
 So, I ignored that, and we all had picture taking with my other teachers---including him. I stayed the farthest away from him. At around past after noon, we were playing at our own beach with my friends when suddenly, there was a boat that arrived at ours part of the pier, a couple of my teachers were there, sadly including him. 
 I really stayed away from him. When he got down the boat, I jumped into the boat and then suddenly, I heard my name being asked for a photo. We had a photo,  and he even insisted that our background would be the mountain and HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND MY SHOULDER.
That same night... since like I said, he was like a part of our gang (group), while my friends were drinking, booze and stuffs (I wasn't drinking, note that), they invited him over. We had a friend's sister with us, and she was so hot. She asked me to text Mr. SJ, and ask him  if he could come over already. So I  texted him of course, I said: "Sir, *My friend's sister's name* was wondering when you'll show up."
He replied: "I'm going there because of you... not because of anyone else." I  LITERALLY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.
 So he traveled a few resorts over to come to ours. We had fun, so much, but I kept my distance from him. So I was surprised with what he did that night.
  No, he did not kiss me though that was what I  wanted to put in here if that's what truly happened, BUT, while I was on my way to the restroom, he grabbed my arm and ask f or a photo with me---we took a couple though. And then I was blushing hard I went back directly to my room. 
 The day after, the teachers were scheduled to go back to the city so my friends tried to convince Mr. SJ to stay with us until the next day. I didn't know that of course, not until after they had already departed. So I texted him, tried to make it sound as casual as possible. 
 I said: "Sir, why didn't you stay behind?"
He said: "I was just waiting for you to speak."

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3 Responses May 11, 2012

I read a couple of your stories in the last couple of minutes and i honestly think thiers something going on thier, now that your of legal age i think you should go for it

Thank you :) Though I don't really know how to approach him since our lives are completely out of each other's line. Thank you for commenting :)

well i wish you the best hopefully it's not to late for you and him but if it is i'm sure your move on to someone who you love even more than your teacher

Thanks! That's what I needed. Unfortunately, I've developed deep feelings for someone I can't have as well :( You can read more about it at my story entitled: Gawwd, I am in love with my neighbor's husband. Help me please. It;s kind of tacky but it's what I feel. Thank you again :)

Have you graduated?You dont see him now?I believe its great that you have each other's phone numbers.I can tell from what i read that he had feelings for you.:).You still think of him and you still have feelings for him.Why dont you tell him one day?I mean when you feel ready you can call him one day to meet him to discuss and you can tell him everything then.Since you have left the school and youre not his student anymore i believe you should do it,because it seems that your feelings for him are really strong and i really believe you shouldnt let it go like this....I really hope i helped:)I wish you the best luck:)!

Yes, I have and I rarely see him. Only when my friends and I decides to visit our high school. My friends think so too and they were pushing me back then but I was too shy, maybe there started the problem. If only I had made a sign or even told him what I was feeling, things might have turned out differently. But I don't think I could call him and tell him how I feel, there's just too much to lose.
Thank you so much for your opinion :) It enlightened my mind so much :)

I really know that.thats what i will feel in a few months when i graduate.But i really hope you can find a chance when you see him and i really hope things turn out in the best way for you:)good luck:)

Ok leave him, what do you feel about him?

I've graduated a year already yet I still feel the friggin' same. We don't have contact anymore---well, we still have each other's number but we rarely talk. I've been considering giving up my feelings but it's like, physically/emotionally impossible for me. What do you think? Please help me.

It is infatuation attraction between you both. It is not strong soulmate magnetic attraction. If it was then you both would have broken all the barriers and you wouldn't be sitting here and writing. Yes, it is a pleasant feeling, a feeling to cherish. But, that is not what is meant for you. Yes, until you find your own soulmate, you will feel for this guy, which we cannot avoid.

Maybe if I had told him how I felt back then, I wouldn't be writing here. For God's sake, he gave me a rose back before! And I just brushed him off and acted casually. My friends are saying how they think and see and feel that he likes me and I was too shy to admit to myself.
You're actually right.The memories I've had with him are supposed to be cherished and kept to myself. Now, I have to forget him and move on. Thank you so much :) I hope I didn't look too cheesy and cliche and all that stuff---although I think I probably did. Thank you for your time and opinion :)

You are welcome, but you are not cheesy. We all get confused, the emotions of romance and love is not easy to gauge. If I am in your position, I would have confused more than you. LOL. Have a great life and enjoy the life.

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