He Is Just Not Getting Out Of My Mind!

i am pursuing my graduate course, and its been 6 months (one semester) that i am in his contact, i like him and i respect him from the bottom of my heart ..being in college i am mature enough to realize that this is not "LOVE", this is just a crush. i love his way of teaching, the way he interacts ,the way he talks,the way he walk.the way he laugh,the way he twist his neck, plays with his bracelet(silver color,on his right hand) everything about him just drive me crazy.. i just cant move my eyes from him, i always look for opportunities to go and interact with him regarding the subject.i start my day by looking at him, even in my exams i used to go 1.5 hour before the exam just to have a look of him(as he is my lucky charm).. i wait for him to show up..and when he did i just forget everything else, the whole world seems to get on hold just deep down in his eyes, i look for my every treasure.. i am just expressionless when he stares back at me..i just dont know what to do, how to respond nothing .. i am such a dumbo.. since last 15 days m so much into him that daily he came into dreams, he is just not getting out of my head.. i have told him once that i like him and respect him and in return he gave me a big smile.. i dont know what all this means.. what i know is just that all these unresolve feeling are increasing day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second..everytime! i feel him around me,as if he is watching me...m so involved in this that now i think,it came up on my face when he come infront of him..
now its the end semester.. this monday is my last exam(his subject) and after exam i am going home for 1.5 months, since last two days i am feeling that he is disturb coz of something, may be he notices my behaviour and is annoyed of me, i dont know.. he looks good when he is smiling and now a days am missing that

well now the question is what am gonna do in this break.. i just sometimes feel like i shud tell him all these thing .. and sometimes i feel no its not right , it will complicate things but its very difficult to control... i wana know what he thinks about me... please suggest me something i just have two days ..
but please dont give a lecture on love and crush coz i actuly dont hav that much time ..
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1 Response May 11, 2012

You should tell him if you really really like him. If you think its a crush that can go away, then dont. Almost everything that you said is also what I feel for my teacher, but I am in highschool so thats different than your situation. Best of luck to you.