Goodbye,my Love:(

Yesterday,it was the worst day of my life:(.I wanted to tell him a last goodbye and i found my chance yesterday..I was waiting to see him.I saw him on the break of the 4th hour but he was with some children so i couldnt go then.Then on the break of the 5th hour i went in front of his classroom to see if hes going to be alone.The children left and the corridor to his classroom was empty and i he was alone in his classroom.That was when i decided to go in.I asked him if he has another lesson and he said no,then i closed the door and i told him to listen to me for a minute just to tell him something last.I told him:'Sir,i know that everytime i tell you that i wont try to talk to you again and im sick of myself for doing all these things,trying to talk to you everytime 'and he told me:'Didnt we say that we wont talk about that again,we said that you will stop doing all these things'and he tried to change subject and then i asked him:'why are you changing subject?'and he told me:'thats not the subject we should talk about but the lessons'.I told him not to talk for a minute just to tell him something.And i told him:'In a few days we finish school and i wanted to tell you a goodbye'and he told me:'why now?you will see me again during exams 'and i told him that during exams i wont be able to talk to him.And then i told him:'Sir,i love you and i wanted you to remember this and all the things i did with the letters and i will miss you so much after school and it really kills me that i wont see you again when i finish school'and he told me that i will meet new people when i go to university.and then i told him:'I just wanted you to know this'and then i said goodbye and i left because another teacher was coming...(While i was talking to him,saying all these things he wasnt looking at me because he was hanging some posters on the wall for the lesson,and i could see that he was trying to end our conversation because he was telling me:'ok;you can go now'but i insisted talking to him...)So that was it:(Its over.Im so sad since yesterday,i feel like im lost i cant do anything i cant concentrate on anything...i feel like i dont live.Its like everything now seems so pointless and i dont know what to do....I dont understand why he treated me like this,how could he be like this?I told him that i love him and he didnt say anything,I mean didnt he care at all about my feelings???.....I just cant understand what kind of person he is.....:(
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He just did what he's supposed to do,masa.He can't reciprocate your feelings.I don't know what he really feels,of course...but he did thing.But you're brave,really brave.So much more than I'm...I actually ran away from feeling..everything...when you stood up for it.I'm proud of you.Best of luck!

Yeah it was really hard for me to do this because he means sooo much to me:'(.....thankyou!:)


Seriously, forget him and move on. You deserve so much better. Maybe he has his reasons but that doesn't mean he had to ignore you when you were pouring your heart out. The least he could do was listen and close the relationship properly. If he was smart enough, he would've realized that your intention was to say goodbye, not to push yourself to him. You did what you had to do.Don't blame yourself the results were not what you expected. It's his fault he didn't play his part to listen. Good luck :) I hope my opinion helped.

Thank you so much for your comment:).And you helped:)Youre right to everything you said,he could at least listen to me because all i wanted was to put a closure to all that.I have done everything for him but he didnt appreciate it.Now i will try to move on,it will be so hard for me but i dont have another choice:(.Thank you:)

That's perfectly good. We almost have the same problem, I think it would be best if we move on:)

that was very rude of him! you was confessing everything and he didnt listen to it at all :( i defiently agree with the other comment, you deserve better. you care about the person you love and he didnt appreciate it at all. you was brave to talk with him and say what you said, i was amazed at how confident you are :D i couldnt do anything like that with my teacher! you did great so dont be sad or annoyed at yourself. i wish you luck :) x

Thank you so much:)It was very difficult for me to do this,i had tried many times to talk to him and everytime he was doing the same,he was trying to avoid it.I only wanted him to know how i feel for him but he didnt appreciate anything:(thank you:)x

Aww Dx You deserve much better...Honestly if he's gunna treat you like that..../:

Thank you so much:)He didnt appreciate what i did for him and he didnt care about my feelings,he didnt say anything and thats what hurt me the most:(...thank you:)

I think thats really wrong:/ But you can find someowe way better!

thank you:)