What The Heck? Experience 4: The Day He Gave Me A Rose.

THEY say some memories are supposed to be kept to yourself, you know, to prevent others from hurting. I guess some of mine are supposed to be shared since no one is bound to be hurt.
SO... back during the second semester of senior year, we were preparing for our Literary Musicale and I was the Promotions Head so I was in charge of the promotions. One of which were roses with black ribbon tied around it. Some were pins, tumblers, stickers, posters, etc... Anyway, I was reading this beautiful story about teacher-student  relationship and I was at the part where the teacher finally asked his student to be his girlfriend. I was really into the story, I was even giggling to myself WHEN suddenly, I could see someone handing me a rose from my peripheral peek.
I LOOKED UP and saw him, a soft smile on his lips. He just said THANK YOU and left for his class---which was just in front of our booth and he never glanced at my direction after that. At least not when I was looking since my eyes barely left the ground. 
AFTER that, I put the rose in my book---of his subject of course and whenever we would be obliged to use our book, I secretly hide it in my bag for a moment so he wouldn't see I kept it.

SO... MY MAIN INTENTION  IN SHARING THIS MEMORY IS TO GIVE YOU COURAGE T O JUST  BE YOURSELF AND  DON'T STOP THINGS FROM HAPPENING. I did and now I'm regretting it. Hopefully, your stories will  turn out the way you want it.

I WILL APPRECIATE COMMENTS--EXCEPT RUDE ONES. I hate rude people but I love people who can be my close friends in an instant :)  
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i am now...hehehe

You know i have also some memories from last year when he was my teacher(this year he wasnt my teacher:().They are so little memories but for me they mean so much...And i still have these memories,its like they have haunted me and everytime i think about them it hurts...but youre right,we both have to move because we dont have another choice:(.....it will be hard but i hope we can make it!!

Aww, same here. Maybe they're just memories to cherish so when we look back and reminisce, we'll just laugh about it. Whenever I would remember those memories, I'll laugh either of happiness or embarrassment. Still, we have forget them and move forward. It's how we're gonna be truly happy.

Yes, youre right!Now these memories may hurt us but we have to move on and when we will think about them in the future they will be just some sweet memories we had....:)

Hundred percent agree ;)

owh,yeah i heard about it but never read it yet<br />
i will totally check that book out.

That's probably the best decision you've ever made. It's a really good book and you can find it in wattpad. Are you in wattpad?

btw,what is the tittle of the teacher-student relationship story you read??

A proscriptive relationship, do you know that?