What The Heck? Experience 5: His Birthday.

HIS BIRTHDAY was a Monday. And every other Monday, we have assemblies and we have on his birthday. 
School starts at 7:00 but on assemblies, we can be late until around half past seven and we would go to the gymnasium a quarter before eight. 

So it was around 7:30 that time and our class was wild. My friends and I were talking and they brought up the topic about Mr. SJ's birthday., 
E: Hey J! It's Mr. SJ's birthday today, right? Have you greeted him already?
ME: Hmm, no. Not yet. I don't think I can.
E: Oh you can. *Has an evil grin*

one of my friends, A, the A before (See previous stories) shouted: Guys! Mr. SJ is here!
They all tugged me to the door and pushed me out just as when he was passing our room. Of course, I had no other choice than to say hi so I kind of improvised....
ME: Hey, Mr. SJ. 
HIM: Hey J. Good morning. *Flashes his softest smile*
I was thinking: oh my god, ohh my god... about... to... melt...on ... the...  freaking..spot.
ME: Oh, hey! It's your birthday, right? Happy birthday.
He stopped walking and stood before me with a shocked expression on his face. 
HIM: Um... thanks J. 
then, my homeroom teacher was already on his way to  our room.
ME: I guess I should go in now.
He nodded. The shock expression still on his face. "Yeah, you... should." 


During assembly, (yep, that's not all), our class was assigned at the monobloc chairs and Mr. SJ's class was at the bleachers a couple of classes away from ours. A, who was sitting beside me whispered: "Hey J, look at Mr. SJ. He's looking at you like he wants to eat you or something."
I blushed, "Cut it off A."
She said: "Just look and you'll see I'm not lying."
I said: "Fine, just look away from him first and I'll look after a few moments."
She said: "Quick. He might pull his gaze."
I glanced back, 
and he was looking at me with his eyes narrowed and he smirked when he caught me glance at him. I was too shy I immediately shifted my gaze to the stage and never looked back the entire assembly.

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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Awwws :)

Omg!!They are so sweet memories:)I wish i had those memories from my teacher:(...I know that feeling when he looks at you...whenever my teacher was looking at me it was like i lost my world and i was ready to pass out....:/...Its good for you to have these memories:)

They are and now that you say it, I regret it more that I didn't tell him how I feel. Maybe he reciprocated the feelings and maybe we're together now :((

But hey! Move on, right? :)

Im really sorry that you regret not telling him:(.But hey maybe you can find your chance one day when you see him then you can tell him,if you want.I hope one day you can make it:)But if you dont want then youre right,we have to move on....:)