I have a confession to make. 
As a matter of fact, I've graduated last 2011 and now I'm an incoming 2nd year college. My feelings for Mr. SJ are still there alright but I have developed deep (if not the same) for someone else, who I can't also have. Why because he's with someone else. For more information, please check out my other story in another experience: Gawwd, I am in love with my neighbor's husband. Please help me.

I know it's pretty stupid for a girl to love two guys at the same time but it's what I feel. I love this new guy but I still have strong feelings for Mr. SJ. My feelings for him's not the type that would just go away when I laugh it off or eat it off. HELP ME PLEASE.
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I read your other story about 'Gawdd i am in love with my neighbors husband'.I understand that you still have feelings for your teacher Mr.SJ but i believe you have decided to move on...And i read that this new guy has also feelings for you as his friend told you so i really think that you should tell him about your feelings(besides hes not happy with his wife...).That may help you get over your teacher:)I really hope i helped:)good luck!

You really are a friend, I'm starting to love you, mehehe :3 Yes, he's not happy with his wife but I don't think that any of my concern anymore besides my desire to comfort and be there for him. When they moved in across our house, all the hurt I was feeling after Mr. SJ was magically swept away. He made me forget how hurt I was and made me cherish the memories I had with Mr. SJ. I can say he was a good influence---funny because he has no idea. Jordan also told me that he was only putting up with Sarah because he had loved the kid like his own and he feels sorry for the kid to grow up without having a father. He's just too nice... and patient. Thank you so much. You don't know how much you've helped me :)

Youre welcome my friend:).Im here whenever you need me:).I think that hes still with his wife just because hes trying to help the kid have a father and not because he loves her....hes just being nice.I believe that he should understand that he shouldnt stay with her just out of politeness but he should really be with someone that loves him and this person might be you.I think that one day you should tell him about your feelings because it seems that he has feelings for you too so i believe you should do it:)Im really happy for you that hes helping you getting over Mr.SJ and i really hope you can make it:)

Thank you so much :) That's what I thought too. I heard from Jordan that he's just waiting for the right time and he'll free himself from the shackles of Sarah. Mehehe. Now, I barely see him because he doesn't go out that much anymore but today I saw him and we locked gazes for a moment. It's kind of funny because I'm wearing my Nike shirt that I had made at Nike with 'James' at the back and the number 6. It's kind of my favorite shirt.

I'm really glad too that I've found a way to forget Mr. SJ. I hope it continues till everything is gone.

I really hope it helps you, and i really hope he does realizes that he should be with you and not with ''his wife''....and do something about it...:)I wish he does the best for both of you:)!!!

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