So yesterday 2 friends and me were in the teacher's room that I am in love with. We were all just talking and I dont know how we got on the subject but they asked him if he had a girlfriend... He looked at me blushed a little then continued to say yes while staring at me. I am certain I blushed, then I walked out of the room, we only had a couple more mintues left of lunch. I just dont know what to do, all the times he flirted with me what was that? and why would he stare at me while he said yes. then during class we watched a short video and I looked back and he just kept staring are me. I dont like these mixed feelings I cant tell anything, Now I completely give up with him, I was obviously depressed all through class, and now im not going to try to pay attention to him, not smile say hi give him food, stay after when he wants to talk, not make an extra effort to go to his room so he doesnt wonder where I am all day, because he always ask me that if im not in his room at least 2 a day besides his class. I am so confused I need advice more than anything right now.
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Maybe he knows you like him, that's why he automatically looked at you and said yes, letting YOU know that he is off limits. lol.

Obviously....i'm not stupid. He knows something but he stills flirts and does the same things, so he should know what right and wrong. I'm done with all guys period older my age, and younger, even though i dont llike younger.

Babygirl, I know EXACTLY how you feel. It's their job to set boundaries and draw lines. And yet, for some reason, they don't. It pulls us in to their sick little games, and it drives us crazy. Then, I can't help but wonder if there is really something there, or if we are just ego-boosters for them. If you get the chance, maybe you should read some of my stories. "The Waiting Game". Maybe you can relate.

Wow... bummer. I don't think he's telling the truth. Either that or he said that probably because he thinks your friend---or the one who asked---is interested in him. So, it's like saying "Off limits, I'm spoken for." Otherwise, if he is telling the truth, maybe that's the reason why he's keeping some distance every now and then. <br />
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I say you give him the silent treatment lol :]]

I mean at first he studdered and paused then answered but I wasnt sure I think he knows I was upset. I blushed I felt it I hate that I cant control that but maybe that showed him, because he still is flirting the way he was before and staring at me. I dont know what to do :(

You're right. Maybe you shouldn't flirt back just yet. Subtly show him or let him feel that you're not responding to his call so that if he sends another message, why not ask him? or Just slowly breach into that topic casually and see if he'll say and act the same :)