The End Of The Year Letter.

Heya guys!!! Well I get out of school in about 20 days. :/// sad sad sad. I am graduating (8th) this year so I will not see him at my other school often or as much unless I see him coaching. But, I wrote this letter to give to him. Is it good (be honest!!!!) oh and some details are just between him and I so you may become confessed. Also if anyone has any suggestions of what I should do on the last day of school and/or graduation to him. Thanks guys!!

To the most amazing, wonderful, outrageous, caring, helpful, unforgettable, honest, funny, joyful, happy, reliable, wise, smart, glamorous, magnificent, elegant, thoughtful, bravest person ever, Mr._______ (yes those words describe you)
    Wow, this year went by fast. I can remember the first day of school like it was yesterday. To be honest actually I was quite scared of you at first. I mean come on you are really tall and muscular! I thought you were going to go off on me when I left my combination in my locker, haha! One day I decided to look through my History folder, from beginning until now. I have realized how my writing has improved. I was not very good at writing compared to now. You know why I am better at it? Well it's because of you! Ever since I wrote my essay on George Washington's Farewell Address and that you said it was one of the best in the grade, my thoughts have changed about education. I actually wanted to try this year, unlike last year where I didn't care as much. That's all because of you, my life has changed and not just because of that.
    Every morning I was so motivated to go to History class. To learn, to fell needed and accomplished somewhere, and the most important, to hear your hilarious jokes. As soon as I walked into your room I was so excited maybe even more than you were. If someone was going to make me laugh, it was you. I could not have ever asked for a better teacher than you. The way you told me how I was doing in class, how you helped me, taught me, joked around with me, and the conversations we have had I will never forget, ever.  You are the most honest and amazingest person I have ever met.
    I cannot describe how much my life has changed because of you. I think to myself, look at Mr. _______, a young and successful person who set his mind to something and accomplished it. That's exactly how I want to be. Every word you have ever said to me I always listened to. Even when you were lying to me. That is how much I trust you.
    I am going to miss you so much. I'm going to miss your jokes, smile, laugh, our conversations, even your eyes! I can't explain how much you have improved my life. I will never forget you, ever. I confess I need you, I will never leave you alone. I have always wanted to say many things to you, but I always felt you would become annoyed. Which you probably have. The last thing I want to say to end this is you don't know how hard it is for me to make it look, so easy. ;) Thank you for everything, Mr.______, I will never forget you, but please don't forget me. I'm going to miss you, a lot. I will hopefully see you over the summer, Captain America.
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No offence intended in what I'm about to write.<br />
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This is in "I Am In Love With My Teacher" so I am assuming this is how you feel towards him (please correct me if I'm wrong). I wouldn't write or tell him anything that will let him know you feel this way. I know you can't help it but it's just a crush and it could make him feel uncomfortable if you tell him. It's a very good letter and reading it I can see how much he's change your attitude to school (work) but I wouldn't mention his appearance, like what you said about him being muscular and looking at his eyes. Pupils get crushes on their teachers but to tell them or to make it known to other teachers in the school or parents (like if anyone else saw this letter) could not only make him feel uncomfortable but other adults as well.<br />
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It's a good letter but I'd just recommend keeping it a bit more about what made him a great teacher while taking lessons and such. Maybe a little less on the missing him bit and leave out the things about his (private) personality and appearance. If you struggle with that then maybe you should try and set a word limit or keep it short.<br />
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After you sure about it give it a run through spell check and grammar since I did catch a few spelling errors and grammar problems. I'm sure he'll be happy to read how much of an impact he made in your life and educations though.<br />
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I wish I'd have done this, I dropped it of school but the only thing that kept me trying to go so long was the faith and support all my teachers had in me.

Thank You and yes I will definitely take out the parts about his appearance and just keep it about the education part. I was debating that over and over. Anyways thank you, I did not want it to sound like I was confessing my feelings, but I read it over and it does! Thanks for the comment!! :)

Don't worry about it, just trying avoid any embarressment and difficulty for all involved. And I know what it's like to have a crush on a teacher, have had quite a few in fact so it's understandable that a few things slipped in here and there. Hope he appreciates the thought and effort you put into it and congrat on the graduating thing :)