Happy Mother's Day Indeed

I have some really fantastic women in my life. I always take the time to let them know how much they mean to me and Mother's Day is just another excuse to pour it on thick;especially for my honey (HER)! I write one all-encompassing text and send it to them or come up with a very poignant declaration and call them all and deliver it. Most are very appreciative, some are touched others just respond formally but it gives me great joy so it doesn't matter. The only person I really look forward to getting a favourable response from is HER. But SHE has this nasty(I shouldn't say that for not wanting to sound ungratful but I mean it), weird way of answering calls/text late evenings/night time. Last year SHE did not respond to my Mother's Day greeting and we did not exchange Christmas greetings at all like we're used to. So this year I was very hesitant, hoping that I would not have to suffer the torture of feeling rejected, ignored and stupid. However, SHE answered! Yay SHE answered in the evening but SHE answered and that's the main thing. I guess SHE was busy with HER own mother whom SHE adores. What I also loved about the text is that SHE apologised for not meeting with my friend and I the Friday when she was supposed to.
The text read:

Thank you for the lovely wishes, Sorry that I was not there to meet with you and ******* but I was called to two meetings at **. Hope you had a good day with your mom.

I texted back and told HER thanks for the feedback and that I hoped SHE had a great day with HER mom too. SHE texted again and said they did, thanks and to have a good night. Normally, when I see people give me the greeting of the day at the end of a text I see it as them saying "don't text me back" lol. So I let HER have the last say.

I must admit I was very,very pleased and relieved that SHE sent me that. It let me know SHE still cares. And knowing SHE cares gives me hope that even though I may never get to be with HER, we have a chance at being good friends again :)
22-25, F
May 16, 2012