What The Heck Experience 6: The Red Baller...

I have this Baller. It's this plastic wristband around half an inch perfectly fit on your wrist. It varies from color to color and some had embossed captions on it. I had mine since year 11, a red one with a check logo on it. My friend and I decided  to get each of the same color---red---for a keepsake. When year 12 came and I still have it (I'm pretty good at keeping important stuffs), it turned out Mr. SJ also have one---Same color and same Nike logo. Exactly the same.


When Christmas party ended, my friends and I just got out of our room and everybody had different stuffs going on. I spotted him on their classroom's door and he caught me looking, he smiled. Of course, "as a friend", casual and laid-back, and since it was Christmas season, I walked over to him. His hand---where the baller was---was up in the air, waiting for me to tap it for a high five. MY MISTAKE.... THE HAND I USED TO HIGH FIVE HIM WAS THE HAND I HAD THE SAME BALLER ON.  As soon as I realized it, both our eyes were wide on the ballers and it was pretty late to withdraw my hand. Either way, it became awkward after that so I had to bid goodbye and happy holidays to him :))))
It was pretty funny---fine, fine, it was so funny and a little stupid. Everytime I look at my baller, I remember that incident and laugh. Such a sweet memory.

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Okay, I get that a baller is some kind of wristband, (bracelet?) but why is it called a baller, and why would having one like *his* be an embarrassing thing?

It wasn't exactly embarrassing. But it was completely at that time. His eyes shoot down to the ballers and there was a spark while our hands stayed together for quite a time. It was so funny. Like I said, you can have any color yet we had the same. Also, at that time, my friend lost hers so at that time it was just him and me who have it.

Okay, but why are these wristbands called ballers?

I have no idea... :] Haha.

Hahahahaha...well, then ............you're no help. I have a 16 year old granddaughter, maybe she will know. I'll ask her, and if she knows, I'll tell you.

Hahaha, I'll be waiting for it. :]

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