He's So Hot!

I have a huge crush on my chemsitry teacher, I think it's because he is australian (you gotta love an accent) and compared to all the other boys I know he just stands out by miles. Over the past 2 years I've had him I don't think I've learnt anything about the peroidic table - even my friends take the **** out of me for liking him.

Sadly I'm leaving my school in about 1 month - should I do anything?


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Just because he's australian? If it's just that then maybe you shouldn't... There are alot of cute australian men but aside from his looks what makes him so special? If you ever take this real and confront him or what, make sure you really really like him because if hes will, he will be sacrificing alot. I say give it sometime.. Give it 9months.. Drop by sometimes and say hey..

Goodness this story is old..so do you still like him?

You could get him in a lot if legal trouble, even jail time if something is done. If there is love, he can wait until you are of a legal age. I don't believe there is only one person in the world for you, then what would happen if they married the wrong person and so on? Seriously, if you like him, you wouldn't want to get him in trouble either.

Be realistic, kids. I had a crush on a much older man when I was about twelve or thirteen I was a child!!. Just imagine if he'd have made move on me! He'd have been called a *********. Get into boys near your own age. Please, or you might regret it. You will end up wasting your young adulthood, your 20s, on an OLD MAN.

I'm in the same situation, but he is leaving us and I'm in love with him :[ I don't know what to tell him, he leaves in five weeks. He's 32...<br />
I'm 13...

whoa this had been posted ages ago. what happened? what did you do? how did he react? im such a busybody..

I know how you feel. I have a teacher that stands out from the other boys at my school too. Maybe the last day you are there just say that you have a crush on him (even if its more than just a crush) and just see his reaction, it cant hurt any if you are leaving. Or get in touch with him somehow after you leave. Best wishes! :)

Give him flower and let him go...hes not man for you ok..........he has chemistry all time in his mind...

go and talk to him about it

Australian? We New Zealanders are more into the Irish. XDD. I totally get what you're going through. Been there, done that. My friends do the same thing to me, and it never helps. If people were like "meh" towards you liking the certain chem teacher, then you'd eventually forget about him. I know exactly that it does. But if they keep on mentioning it, you'd never get over something. All I can say is that Uni has many hot, hot, hot lecturers. ;D

mabey after you have left tell him how you feel