Today Felt Like The Old Days

I wear my hair in a rastafarian style (dreads) and haven't done it in a while,(neatened it by "Palm Rolling") Today I went to get my best friend and class mate to print some documents for me in her office. It so happens that SHE is my friend's top-boss and happened to be in office today. I didn't go to see HER at first because I didn't want to seem obvious and (according to my bf) drunk or sober mind your business. I wanted to get my business done first, in case we got into any lengthy discussion. I also had a hairdresser's appointment soon after.

When I went to give HER the greeting of the day the first thing he said soon after was "You did something new with your hair?"

I responded, "It's called not going to the hairdresser." to which she chuckled.

Then she mentioned that it looked really nice because it looked so natural and soft and not cosmetic as when it is done.

This last opinion really took me by surprise because SHE is very coiffed most times and SHE is also of mixed ethnicity (she looks partly Indian and Syrian) so I didn't think that she would find an undone ras to look "nice and natural".

I was so taken aback that I used it as an opportunity to get that long. overdue hug. And it did not disappoint. I love how she rubs the middle of my back where the bra clasps. We wre about to talk some more when she had to take a call. That call took like forever and I had to leave. I just mouthed to HER that I was going and she gave me a nod, a nice smile and a thumbs up. I was very sad we could not talk more but I was still floating on cloud nine from the compliment and the hug. I'm been thinking about them all day long :)

Gosh she's so sweet and sexy. I wish I was her husband!
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1 Response May 23, 2012

so why not do the same to her,do you feel arouse when she touched you?