Free Hugs; Super Happy.

So yeah if you've been following my Crazy Love for My teacher you know that last time i made a fool out of myself in front of him o///O
So lets get started, He had been away from school for like a week cause he's dad was sick and he had to go take care of him, how sweet! , anyways when he came back me and my friend were walking in front of his classroom and when i saw him i told him "Hey Mr.N, Great seeing you again, How You been? " then he smiled at me and was all like "i'm doing great darling, how about you?' and you know me, when he call me darling i was so happy but when i was about to say something i heard a girl behind me go all "Mr. N I miss you! " and then she goes and hugs him!!! i was so mad! i mean i dint even know it was legal to hug a male teacher! and then he hugs her back!!! so after the hug she goes into the classroom and i'm just standing there with my mouth all open of the impression, and my friend was just standing by me laughing, so then i was all like "Mr. N i want a hug too! " and when i was about to give it to him my friend drag me away from him (Damn Her) - So This happen like Two Weeks ago.
Today was the Last day of School and we had halve day so we could go home right after lunch But me n my friend decided to just saty in main hallway, sitting right by our Favorite Teacher, lets call hem Mrs. H. So then we were talking to her and Mr. N appears out of nowhere to talk to her about some tests, i guess, so then when they stop talking they just stand there, so i decided to jump into a conversation, because he had been my algebra teacher i told him "Mr. N guess what was my score for this years Geometry State Exam" and he was all like "what was it Baby?" - ikr! so cute! so i was like "94 A' he then smiled at me and was all "Wow That's wonderful " and he went in for a high five so after the high five we was so close O///o and then i hug him, and he hug me back ! OMG! i wish time had stop for me right there, I'm was so Happy right there, when i let go i went for a hug from Mrs. H and then she started making a conversation about my grades, Mr, N was just standing there smiling at me.! :)
I know i shouldn't let this get so much to me , since he is a teacher after all but i cant stop thinking about him, Maybe this summer i wont think so much about him since i wont see him, but as in right now, I'm Happy ♥
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May 25, 2012