Long Time No See

sorry i havent posted in so long been so preoccupied with a brilliant story called a proscriptive relationship ( teacher student romance) plus you guys on here dont give advice anyway so no ones here for me. but i need to get it out. 

basically the start of the day mr j just smiled at me and it brightened my whole world  then we went to the station and i was back just intime for the last half of p.e. mr g was facing away from me and he turned and as soon as i saw him he smiled and i smiled back and said hi and he returned the greeting anyway affter p.e i helped put the stuff away and i caught him staring at just me severel times .

but heres the exciting part.... i sit down outside the rooms because i dont need to change and i turn to see mr j walking my way so i try and act casual and he starts talking to me :D 
mr j: s
me: *turns* what? 
mr j ; you smell *laughs*
me :thanks i really appreciate that comment sir 
mr j : hows this week going? 
me: good yours? 
mr j: yeah its ok what have you been doing playing tennis ? 
me: no why? 
mr j: because you look sporty 
me: oh no i went to the station today its all week 
mr. j : oh *frowns and pulls out a cigerette packet he found* 
me: your a secret smoker now ? *laughs* 
mr. j : no its you and m having a secret one before lesson * taps me with tennis raquet* 
me:   :O im never talking to you again
mr j : *smiles* oh but you know i like talking to you and M 
me: *smiles like a knobhead* :D 

its those sorts of things that make you melt :P sorry for the boring rant no hate <3 

S  x
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