Just Another Typical Teacher Crush

I think my teacher is beautiful. I believe that even when you pass someone by on the street you say to yourself that you would never be attracted to them, but then when get to know them you realize how beautiful they are, and its almost like they transform in your eyes. My teacher is very pretty to me, however a crush is all that it is. I love my gf and i would never compromise that. Also, i know she is not feeling the same, so whats the point insaying anything.
dixiecrystal1 dixiecrystal1
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1 Response Jun 2, 2012

what is your teacher like (attitude wise)?<br />
<br />
what is she like (appearance wise)?

My teacher has a very sweet personality. Very caring and easily approachable. She has very nice big eyes. Shorter hair, and a shapely figure.

is she in her 30's or 40's? does she think you are attracted to her?