I Wonder If You Felt It Too...?

On Thursday was my last day of school.. i hadn't talked to him in a long while:( well that day i was going to have a small party with a group of girls i took counseling with. so we had our little party in our counselors office and my sister brought us a big plate with 50 chocolate chip cookies. we were only 4 girls and my counselor so obviously we didn't finish all of them. When the party was over me and one of the girls, lets call her "K", went to walk around the school till we got picked up. So i finally told her that i liked Mr. J and she said that she wanted to meet him. so we walked to where his class is and we saw K's science teacher walk by and i asked him if he wanted some cookies so he grabbed one and said he would take one to Mr. J too. But i was like "No ill take one to him" so we walked into his classroom!! and i got all super excited! i hadn't talked with him since like the middle of the year! (honestly i thought that i didnt love him anymore thats why i ignored him all that time) but going to talk to him made me realize that i will never forget him. so anyways yeah we went it and i was like "Hey Mr. J_________ how are you?" and hes said "I'm fine thank you. How about you i havent seen you in a while!" so i said "Im fine too. I know i just dont hang out where i used to before"(i used to hang out around where he has lunch everyday) so i asked him if he wanted a cookie and he took one. he started to tell me how he wasnt going to teache integrated science and that he was going to teach biology from now on! he looked so exited! i told him that i felt happy for him because he loves biology:) we talked more and K said that hopefully she had him next year because she would be taking biology.(Secretly i hope she does so i have an excuse to go talk to him when i hang out with her:D) lol he told her that even if she didnt have him that we were both welcome to go into his classroom to work on his computers or just hang out! lol hes so cute.. well it got awkward for a moment cuz i got nervous because he was just looking at me and stupid me said we had to go.. he told me to go visit him more often and he told K that if she needed help in bio to see him... he asked me the same but im taking chemistry next year and i dont know hed want to.... but OMG when he told me to go visit him more often he hugged me! ok so this is what happened.
"C_______ you should come visit me more often, you rarely do now" when he said that he put an arm around me(i actually stopped walking cuz my feet were so freaking weak!) i said "Of course i will! you miss me that much already?" and he said "You know i do. you were one of my favorites" but while he hugged me, when i felt his skin against mine i swear im not kidding but i felt like something inside my body where his arm was at. i guess i felt the "spark" that everyone talks about when theyre in love<3
he walked us to the door and stopped hugging me:'( i told him that id go visit him the first day of school and he said ok ill see you then.
when we were walking back to were we were waiting for our parents K said that it was so obvious that i liked him because of the way my eyes glow and how i look at him.. she said i looked like a love sick person!! haha well yeah.. ill never forget what i felt when he hugged me... and how fast my heart was racing when we left his classroom... i never will!
when i was picked up and was on my way home i realised that i still had very strong feelings for him.. that i never stoped loving him. i was so stupid to think that i forgot him. because clearly hes still in my heart<3

what do you guys think?? do i still do?
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3 Responses Jun 13, 2012

Sigh... this reminds me of when I was a teaching assistant....

That's so... adorable? I mean, it is, but I feel like that sounds like I'm patronizing you (which I'm not; I'm 16 and therefore probs younger than you), but for now... that's *amazing*. so cute! God, when he said he hugged you and put his arm around you... I could just imagine it with my own crush. sounds like a catch! ahah good luck <3

Awwww I think that was very sweet of him to hug you and say you should visit me more often. He seems very caring!!