Her stuttering handd shake
She needs to see him
The school bell rings
The doors open
She walks upstairs
As her friends talk to her
Once again she ignores
Because he is on her mind
As she passes through the hallway and turns
She is zoned out
There he is she thinks to herself
He is handsome as always
She hears voices of her friends but can't make out what they are saying
She wants to talk to him but she shouldn't 
She's too shy
She walks to her locker
For some reason it will not open
Because she's too nervous 
Too nervous to talk to him
Finally it opens and all she does is glance at him ever chance she gets
She gathers her books and heads to homeroom
The bell rings again
She sits quietly and watches him walk in the room like a hawk
Butterflies fill her stomach
Her hands shake
Should I talk to him? She questions herself
Then he calls her name to take attendance
She blushes and smiles like an idiot
Once again the bell rings
She leaves the room but her heart doesn't want to
Now she waits for her class with him
All of her classes she can't concentrate 
She needs to see him
But finally the bells rings
She picks up her materials and runs to his room
The first one out and the first one into his room
She sets her books down on a desk right next to his
Butterflies fill her stomach and she blushes
She sits with her hands in her lap 
A smile on her face
Her head faced forward
And her eyes well they are glanced on him
As he rises from his seat
She watches every move of his
He stands in front of her desk 
Oh my god, he is so gorgeous, in that black shirt and that blue tie
As he is done explaining what today's class is about he asks her to pass out worksheets
As he hands her the papers there hands touch
 The butterflies are for real
As she sits back down she works
Works to impress
Whatever she can do for him she will do it
Then she raises her hand
He rushes over and says her name
As he is explaining the question to her
She stares into his flourescent blue eyes
And admires his face
His voice to her is like an angel's
Then he picks up her pencil
Wow he's touching my pencil
The butterflies seem to grow
As he grabs a chair to explain further in the subject
She can't help it but to stare into his eyes
I want him so bad she says to herself
I just need to tell him
But I'm afraid of the worse
As he talks to her 
The bell rings
She does not want to leave at all
She wants a special moment
Just one
As she gets her books out of her desk 
He continues talking
Everyone has left
Except her
Mr.* I just can't help it 
She runs into his arms
Woah what was that for he asks
For being the best teacher on the earth
She wanted to say person but he will figure her secret out
She leaves the room and apologizes
He says it's okay
She leaves the school and thinks about what she has done
Was it wrong? 
Will he mention it again?
As she walks through the doors of her house she rushes upstairs to her room
Opens her laptop and stares at his picture
Nobody knows it but her
She cries herself to sleep that night and every night
Thinking to herself
Does he like me? 
Will he get to be mine?
These are the questions that haunt her
And always will
She screams out I love you
And bites her pillow
All she wants is him
Is that to much to ask for...

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wow! So how Men Teachers are So Hot this year! Pretty story..so did it really happened??

i love this. Its so easy to relate too! ^_^