At First Sight

I love him. I have since we first met at open house last August. I never believed in love at first sight. I thought that it was impossible to fall for someone you didn't know. But then I experienced it myself. He was the first teacher I met, and I was determined to come across as confident and happy to every one that I met. I walked into his room and saw him for the first time; he was speaking to another student and her family. I stood by the door for a moment watching them; taking in his appearance. Right when I saw him, he immediately struck me as something special. I saw the family that he was speaking with turn to leave, and my dad pushed me right up to and almost into him. "Hello this is Sydney," he loudly stated. I was kinda looking down before that, but I looked up now and reached out my hand to him saying "Hi."

That was it. I looked up and directly into his eyes for the first time as he took my hand to shake it, and the whole world stopped. I literally went weak at the knees. Nothing else in the world existed. Time seemed to slow down. I don't even know how long we were standing there. His eyes were a deep, gorgeous dark brown, and they held a certain mystique in them. I felt like we were being transported to another planet; like I was floating in outer space. I began to notice the expression on his face; he looked dumbfounded, shocked, confused. His mouth was open like he was trying to say something but no words were coming out. We just kinda stood there for a few seconds, in our own little world, slowly moving our connected hands up and down. With a shake of his head, like he was trying to snap out of something, he finally stuttered out an "Umm....hi." And with that, we let go of each other's hands and he started to tell me about the class and such. I couldn't help but notice that he barely looked at my parents while talking about the class, as most teachers I noticed focus on the parents rather than the student, but instead had his eyes on me almost the entire time. I also noticed that he stuttered and tripped over his words a WHOLE lot. (Which I personally found to be absolutely adorable!) Haha he seemed REALLY nervous.

But anyway, I will never ever forget that breathtaking feeling. Or the look on his face :D. Since that day, my love for him has only grown stronger every day, and I can't believe that that happened almost a year ago. (Or that it took me that long to finally post on here :)) All throughout the year, we had our many moments which I will write about later, but we haven't yet developed quite the friendship that I see many of you have with your teachers that I envy so much. And in the second semester (I still had his class because it was every other day, all year), I was on the track team (and sucked) and he was the coach! Now school is out and I miss him so much. And I won't have his class next year! I just have to hope I'll see him in the halls, have lots of classes near his, and have the same lunch as him. I'll see him if I sign up for track again, but that won't be until January, and I'm wondering how that will look if I go back because everybody knows I suck. Oh well. I'll write more soon about our little moments. Anybody have any opinions on this whole thing?

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Ermahgerd. That is so cute! I have never liked a teacher, but I don't mind the whole teacher-student relationship (and I like reading the stories because they are adorable and really they aren't that much different from a regular relationship/crush). I don't think there is anything wrong with it. And your story is literally making me awww. I'm so sorry that you won't see him anymore :(

Thanks :). And I get to see him on Fridays, and occassionally after school throughout the week, but we don't talk. Just say hi sometimes. He still gives me those flirty looks though ;D

Heeey, I am so in love with my teacher just like you, and I really don't know what to do. Similarly to you, I don't have a mega strong bond with him, but I'd do anything to have the chance to make it stronger. I have a very loud class, and I find it really difficult to make myself heard or for him to notice my, however after a year now of him being my teacher I think he likes me, as I'm pretty good at the work, he says I'm the best in the class, and often calls me "awesome"! I can't help but light up whenever he says that, he's so gorgeous and funny, and the one of the best things that's ever happened to me! My problem is, that it is now the last week of my school year, and I only have one more lesson with him, I really wanna make it special and memorable, but I don't wanna make it obvious! I am pretty sure that I will have him again next year, but I'm gunna find it really hard to cope over the summer knowing that I'm not gunna see him! Any suggestions of how to make the lesson awesome would be really cool :D thanks, good luck with the future of you and your teacher!!

On the last day of school this year for me, I had his class, and it was my last class of the day, so I was really happy about that. A few of my friends decided to dress up a little bit since it was the last day, and I did too, however, there were only like two of us that actually remembered to do it, so I think he definitely noticed me. Especially since my dress was just barely dress code in more ways than one, and it was windy that day ;)

Haha! That sounds likely it was so much fun, I bet he defiantly noticed you! That sounds epic! ;)

hey... well believe it or not the same thing happened to me. it was love at first sight and i couldnt believe it. i grew close to him but ended up apart from him, thanks to stupid people. so my advice to you is: dont be too obvious when u see him. say hi and give him one of your best smiles, but dont be too obvious. be a LITTLE flirty but not to much. try 2 make conversation with him during lunch. also if you can ask him for some advice for school or something like that, but not too personal. Dont give up the idea that you have some feelings for him. I unfortunately did that and that pushed me away from me. if you need more advice, i am here for that :) Good luck!

Thanks :). I totally agree with all that you said, but I'm gonna have to work on not being too obvious when I see him. Every time I run into him in the halls, or he says hi to me, I can't help my face from immediately lighting up. And I know that I say hi way too quickly and sounding way too excited. Oh well.
I think it's really cool that you also fell for him at first sight. How long did things between you two last?

we spoke to each other and were close for 4 years and 4 months and then after that we stopped talking because of what happened. we kind of look at each other and make eye contact but dont talk.

That's too bad :(

Yea it is. That is why I gave u the advice of not making anything obvious. U can end up very hurt. Be careful with any actions or attitudes thst he might have. He might give off some mixed signals because my teacher was giving me sone mixed signals and I took those signals the wrong way and I thought he had feelings for me and it lead me to be obvious and I ended up really hurt and was very depressed because I pretty much lost him.

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