Mad Libs With A Twist

Ever wanted to star in your own story involving an illicit affair with a lecturer/professor (male)?

Let's take this to a Mad Libs level!

(1) = Your name!
(2) = Hair colour
(3) = Name of preferred lecturer/professor... ;P
(4) = A gift
(5) = A random number
(6) = A subject (your major?)
(7) = The name of your University
(8) = Stationery item
(9) = Preferred eye colour
(10) = Body part
(11) = A building in campus
(12) = Something you would find in a yard
(13) = The ground (grass, dirt etc.)
(14) = Pet
(15) = Nice scent

"____(1)_____," He called, breathless and panting. His ___(2)_____ hair tousled by the wind outside. "You forgot your ____(8)____." He ran his hand through his hair adorably, smiling innocently at me. I froze. He never looked at me that way before. That cute, childish way with his ____(9)____ coloured eyes glittering.

"You didn't have to go out of your way." I said, my mouth blabbering before I could control it.
He shook his head again. "No, I didn't. I was just on my way to a meeting. Thought I might just chase after you and hand you your ____(8)____ back."
He passed it to me, his hand briefly touching my ____(10)____, sending an electric jolt through me. I withdrew my ____(10)____ quickly, trying my best to make it seem natural.
But alas, he was not fooled. "What's wrong, ____(1)___?" He asked, concern lining his face.
I shrugged. "Nothing really. Just the weather."
He nodded. "Oh well, I ought to got to my ____(6)_____ departmental meeting. See you around?"
I nodded back, trying to keep it cool. Internally, I felt my stomach flip a little. He had never treated me like that before. What had happened to him?

It was bitterly cold in ____(7)______ University, and it didn't improve with the winter winds. I found myself spending more and more time at the library, trying to get away from the chill and frost that was slowly setting over the campus. Thoughts of _____(3)____ had nearly left my mind with exams creeping closer with the shorter days.

It wasn't until the summer holidays when I saw him again. He was walking past the ____(11)_____ I ran into him. Naturally, I saw him, but he didn't see me. Perhaps I had become aware of him more than I had thought. I shook my head and walked past him, insisting on ignoring him, trying to get him out of my mind. In fact, I was so absorbed, I didn't look at where I was going and ran straight into a/an _____(12)____.

Stunned, I fell down on to the ____(13)____, my head throbbing from the impact.
"Are you alright, ___(1)____?" A familiar voice asked.
I did not respond, coiled up in the fetal position in pain.
"___(1)____? Are you okay?" He asked again.
My head was throbbing uncontrollably. I couldn't open my mouth for fear of screaming.
He put his hand on my shoulder, hesitantly. I felt the familiar spark of electricity and I calmed immediately. Much like a/an ____(14)_____ calmed by the comforting hand of its master.
I almost found myself purring, but I stopped myself just in time, reminding myself that it probably would never be a good idea to purr when a lecturer is touching you.
"Oh God, ____(1)____. ****, what did I do?" He swore. I realized that I hadn't moved yet, nor made a sound. His voice sounded surprisingly agitated, and what did he mean by his fault? How could it be?
I opened one eye slightly to see him. He had his fingers of his other hand run through his ___(2)___ hair and I heard a small crowd gathering around us.
"I saw her walking," I heard him speak to no one in particular. "I could have stopped this if I said hi, or anything!" He placed his other hand on me, and stroked me. Yes, stroked. His fingers gently brushed the underside of my face, resting on my cheek.
I finally regained my voice and made a croak. "I-I'm fine." I stammered, my heart beating three times as fast as usual and not due to my head injury. "I just hurt my head a little."
The small crowd that suddenly appeared, dissipated just as fast, leaving ____(3)____ alone with me.

"I'm walking with you to the clinic." He said, his tone was firm yet reassuring. "Just for safety's sake."
I nodded and winced as my head throbbed painfully.
"Careful." He added, gently helping me to my feet.
As I started to move my feet, I found myself gradually tipping to one side, my balance completely out of whack. Before I could fall and hurt myself again, his arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me close to him. I could smell his ____(15)____ cologne and feel his hard body flush against me. Blushing furiously, I managed to struggle a little, only causing him to hold me tighter. He stared at me, his glittering ____(9)____ eyes viewing me with an emotion I didn't want to recognize.

He drew closer and I could feel his hot breath on my face.
"____(1)_____" He said, his face serious as he came closer and closer.
Almost like in a dream, I felt his lips touch mine, his kiss gentle and seeking. Way too soon, he pulled back and cursed.
"Damn it, _____(1)_____, I'm so sorry." He looked away, averting his gaze from mine.
"Don't be." I whispered, breathless. "It takes two to tango." I joked, hoping to alleviate the tension. It worked wonderfully and he laughed, his ____(9)_____ eyes sparkling.
"I know, I know." He said, gently cradling my hand in his own. He looked down again but didn't let go of my hand.
"Hey, I know this may seem inappropriate now, but when you graduate, would you like to go out with me?" He asked, with a small, adorable smile on his face.
I beamed back at him. "I would love to!"
He pulled out a small box from his jacket housing a tiny ____(4)____. "I bought this for you since the day I ran after you to return your piece of stationery. It reminds me of you."
I gasped and carefully held the _____(4)_____, smiling at him.
"Think of it," He continued. "As a way of saying: Wait for me." And he smiled his cute, childish smile at me again. "You might not remember it, but awhile ago I met you out on the street. I had dropped my ____(8)____ and you picked it up for me." He ran his fingers through his hair again. "I struck up a useless conversation about the weather and then you realized you had missed your bus."
I laughed. I remembered that time.
"But you weren't fazed by that at all. You just smiled and said that that happens, at least the weather's still good and you skipped off to the other bus stop!" He leaned his forehead against mine. "I only wished to return the favor." His expression grew sombre and he let a thumb smooth out my forehead. "I gave you more than just a/an _____(8)_____. I gave you my heart."

The End!

I hope you all had fun! Btw, this is FICTIONAL, and chill, things like this don't happen in real-life. :D


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