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It Started When I Was 11.

He was an ISS teacher at my middle school. I got ISS a LOT. (I wasn't the easiest kid to deal with, still ain't.) It was in 7th grade when I actually started "flirting" with him. He was so adorable. Late-20s, early-30s. Black hair, good hugger, ;]. In seventh, I would be in ISS every other week for like, 2 weeks straight. He started flirting back. In eighth grade, he wasn't an ISS teacher anymore, he was sixth grade AIS math/reading teacher or something in that neck of the woods. But I still saw him constantly, and I began to fall in love. He was a detention teacher too, and damn, did detention love me. I saw him about 5-6x a day, and I would ALWAYS give him a hug. I overheard him talking about me with his teacher-friends, who all knew me well and favored me as a student, as far as I'm concerned. He even talked about my chest a couple times (Full C). He 'joked' about it, but he even invited a friend and I to his house. Of course, we took as a joke. I fell deeply in love with him. I began to have fantasies about him, and begged him to getta job at my high school b/c thats where I was moving up to the next year. He couldn't. :,[. Its now 1 and 1/2 later and I'm going into 10th grade. I still think about him A LOT.
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to all people who are in love and you cant get them out of your mind . Dudes ,life is short .go contact them . be happy :))

i fell for my teacher at 11 also am now 25 and i am stillnot over him. i ave not seen him in nearly 13yrs and still think of him all the time. i ave tried to get over him and to move on but nothing works. id still do anything for him. i know nothin can ever happen between us all i want is a way to keep in contact with him. he is my one and only love.

Go contact him! There's maybe a reason why you can't get him out of your head

he's probably married by now! but you don't know if he's a real creeper because you never dated him or something. but ya, go ahead and try to find him but be prepared that he's in a relationship already.

this is obsession, not love.

I get you babe. I fell in love with my teacher in eigth grade (I was 14) and now im 17 and I still love him! he left to Canada like three years ago, I cant stop thinking about him :)

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You should try and find him on fb or get his mob number so u can keep in touch and maybe your relationship could florish . I hope u 2 can be 2getha like i wish i could be 2getha wiv Mr P

omgosh wow. Glad to know im not alone. I fell in love with my I.S.S teacher too and i haven't gotten over him in four years... :(