It Started When I Was 11.

He was an ISS teacher at my middle school. I got ISS a LOT. (I wasn't the easiest kid to deal with, still ain't.) It was in 7th grade when I actually started "flirting" with him. He was so adorable. Late-20s, early-30s. Black hair, good hugger, ;]. In seventh, I would be in ISS every other week for like, 2 weeks straight. He started flirting back. In eighth grade, he wasn't an ISS teacher anymore, he was sixth grade AIS math/reading teacher or something in that neck of the woods. But I still saw him constantly, and I began to fall in love. He was a detention teacher too, and damn, did detention love me. I saw him about 5-6x a day, and I would ALWAYS give him a hug. I overheard him talking about me with his teacher-friends, who all knew me well and favored me as a student, as far as I'm concerned. He even talked about my chest a couple times (Full C). He 'joked' about it, but he even invited a friend and I to his house. Of course, we took as a joke. I fell deeply in love with him. I began to have fantasies about him, and begged him to getta job at my high school b/c thats where I was moving up to the next year. He couldn't. :,[. Its now 1 and 1/2 later and I'm going into 10th grade. I still think about him A LOT.
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I was teaching at an all girls school I fell in love with a 15 year old I organized to take her on a holiday ( long story ) it was amazing her parents consented we went to a country mansion nothing happened ( i wanted too ) we had been in love with each other for years when she turned 17 I just picked her up from the boarding school and she has lived with me ever since longest best relationship ever. we have a kid and i am the happiest man alive. I am 20 years older . I love her so much I just wish some relatives and friends would see it. she has a small frame short petite body and rather large breasts she looks allot younger than she is. people still think I am going out with a teenager. part of the emotional thing is very mature but the fantasy of her is very strong I like the idea of her looking like a teenager. she once came into the bedroom wearing her old school uniform and blew me away and told me how she felt all those years and everything she wanted to do to me. I was tormented for years. so hang in there.

to all people who are in love and you cant get them out of your mind . Dudes ,life is short .go contact them . be happy :))

i fell for my teacher at 11 also am now 25 and i am stillnot over him. i ave not seen him in nearly 13yrs and still think of him all the time. i ave tried to get over him and to move on but nothing works. id still do anything for him. i know nothin can ever happen between us all i want is a way to keep in contact with him. he is my one and only love.

Go contact him! There's maybe a reason why you can't get him out of your head

he's probably married by now! but you don't know if he's a real creeper because you never dated him or something. but ya, go ahead and try to find him but be prepared that he's in a relationship already.

this is obsession, not love.

I get you babe. I fell in love with my teacher in eigth grade (I was 14) and now im 17 and I still love him! he left to Canada like three years ago, I cant stop thinking about him :)

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You should try and find him on fb or get his mob number so u can keep in touch and maybe your relationship could florish . I hope u 2 can be 2getha like i wish i could be 2getha wiv Mr P

omgosh wow. Glad to know im not alone. I fell in love with my I.S.S teacher too and i haven't gotten over him in four years... :(