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Ok so I have this humongous crush on my English teacher. He's in his mid 20's and good looking. When he talks to the class he always stares into my eyes, I don't mind, but that was it until he asked me to stay after class because he wanted to talk to me about a project I did. So I stayed. He told me to sit down and he pulled up in front of me. He said, and I quote, "I know you feel this too" startled I answered "I don't know what youre talking about" my whole body was shaking. He leaned in closer and said again "I know you feel this too. Please don't say you don't" I said something about it being wrong, but he kissed me! It was like ten minutes after that we broke it up. I was in my sophomore year and now am a senior And we have been going out in secret. We haven't had sex we only makeout and during lunch we go to a closet he has in his room. Some people may say this is wrong but it feels so right.
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How in the hell do things like this happen so easy? O.O

The guy is an evil smelly man who should be raped in prison until dead, then raped again! When female teachers do this to male students is EXACTLY THE SAME CRIME but we laugh it off cause who cares about men being victims of crime??? NO ONE, thats who!! YAY feminism!!!!

you're so lucky but you have to be so careful incase somebody finds out. If someone reports you two he could go to jail!

I work for a new talk show in Los Angeles called The Test. We are produced by Dr. Phil's son. We are interested in this story. Please give me a call as soon as you get this at 323-956- 8854


YAY!!! Make sure to tell the whole world that the man is an evil raping man who is guilty no matter what and the girl is a sweet innocent little darling that cannot be blamed because she is a female! Have fun making money of lies and male hating propaganda!! GURL POWER YO!!

I wonder f I was 17 instead of nearing 30 my teacher might just have kissed me.

Even as an ex-lawyer I am minded that many of society's laws, rules and regulations deserve to be flouted or bent according to person and situation. But this is not such an occasion. Whilst you may not be able to imagine it now (and this will likely sound crazy) I can see that in years to come you will look back, possibly consider that you were sexually abused, and report your then former teacher. He should know better. Your parents entrusted you into his care and he is being exploitive. If I were your father, and found out, I would take him apart.

Yay!!! It's always the man's fault no matter what! GURL POWERRR!! With 90% of teachers being female and male students falling behind, what we really need are lynch mobs going after male teachers but when female teachers do this kind of thing to male students we just laugh it off. IT'S all good cause FEMINISM ROCKS!!!! GURL POWERRRR!!!!

age is only a number and authority is just a title... ;)

If this is really true, he is abusing his power. One day you'll regret it- believe me! So I hope it's not true.

You're lucky girl...he's got the guts....wish mine would do the same *sigh* ...more like, just wishful thinking for me...all he ever does is prolonged eye contact that it makes me worried classmates might notice...and then i feel uncomfortable after awhile of staring at each other's eyes from across the room..he doesn't know i have feelings for him(i think he doesn't..not sure though..coz whenever he looks at me,i dont know if he can see it in my eyes or if he could feel it)...the feeling i have becomes intense too whenever he looks at me....sometimes i hate it coz it makes it harder for me to control myself from confessing to him how i really feel,good thing i've got willpower however,classes are ending for us soon and i'm now contemplating whether to tell him how i feel or leave it alone.

I'm sure he doesn't suspect anything because in school or university most teachers are doing their job and not thinking of things like that. I even told my lecturer that he is a wonderful person, wanted to give him a Christmas present, sent him New Year's wishes and so on but he didn't have a clue.
Usually they don't notice that.

Half of me felt relieved, but then the other half felt sad...i guess there is a part of me that wanted him to know how i feel for him hoping that its mutual :( and i'm like..hoping, that when he knows the truth he'd initiate his way to me and say he feels the same...everything he does for me, i meant when he is being nice to me i could just feel my heart fly and i feel so happy....sometimes i feel like telling him that he had no idea how much he meant to someone in school,just to give him an idea

seriously? o.O Not judging, but I'm always wondering if these are fantasies or real stories. I have hard times imagining people hiding out in closets to make out with a teacher, but then again, I was never into that dating sort of thing... o.o xD

it happens... it did to me..