In Love With An Angel

I am Wayyy to young for this I am 14 in 8th grade (pre mi)
And while I know it's impossible :/ I have fallen in love within a matter of weeks with a 34 year old man who is my ss teacher. He is unmarried and is going to teach high school next year (: I have this feeling I can't help it... He seems so special to me.. I don't even talk to him but he will catch my staring and smile and I melt web we meet eyes I feel a spark something one if a kind. My friend has told me after we talked quickly he said have a great night and flashed a beautiful smile of his and to everyone else he isn't cute but to me he is an angel. Anyways she said he was watching me the whole time and smiling. I feel a connection I am trying to deny it but I can't. I get bats in my stomach and I get giggly and I feel high.. Cheesy right? I am mature for my age forced to grow up so it's not impossible for me. I need to get to know him when I see him I can't stop smiling he makes me so happy I hold on to ever word he says... And no it's not his body I want or his face, it's him everything. Here us a journal entry that I wrote about it... And poems.....

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I seriously think I am in love wih mr.thorson. I can't get him out of my mind... He makes me smile by just being there. I can't explain it. Their is something about  him i just love... Everything about him (that i no) is so perfect to me. He is so funny, and sweet, he seems to Really love his job, his eyes light up  when he teaches,he is open with information open man open relationship, he seems so sweet , he is so amazing and he gives me this feeling I can't quite explain but I've never felt it before.  plus he is so beautiful most don't think so but to me he looks like an angel it's not like he is super buff or anything but he is the most attractive and most beautiful person I've ever seen... It's like a light just shines from him...I'm so scared if I am in love with him 
We probably won't have a future but I will try I want to be his wife to bear his beautiful children to be the one who cares for him and loves him unconditionally the one he comes home to the one who he can talk to.his forever, his everything just like he will be to me. I know this is impossible at 14 but I'm falling in love or am in love with him. I feel like maybe true love is here, but he may not ever feel the same way. But I can't make him love me but I can try. I love you greg thorson. please please please feel the same way... Wait for me just six years and I'll love u like no one else can. I promise, just wait, please... I hope I am worth it.… I know u are my darling. I want u to wrap me up in your arms to hold me like I've never been held, to gently lift my face to yours and to look at me and tell me you love me to give me a soft peck on the lips. To hold me forever... 
Our current song: I can't make you love by Bonnie raitt
It'll never be

 I love you,
But you'll never love me.
To many problems to even be,
Anything more 
than I already see. 
So much wrong with me,
But I cant help what I feel, 
I want you to kneel, 
And tell me you want me to,
   but it's just a dream
A brick wall keeping me from       
I can't make u feel 
What I feel.
To heal u, like u heal me.
I wish this could be, 
a handful of years  between, we have no chance. 
But ive know  that i have loved you since that first glance. 

     Free style(: 
 My feelings for you, 
Are as real as  any.
You have stolen my heart 
At just a glance. 
I wonder if there is any chance. Of you loving me? 
Will there ever be an us?
With a handful of years between you and I? 
Can there be a future? 
Or will my love be thrown away??? Unwanted by you?
Or a choice not given? 
Forced to part because of the world around us. 
Still I ask do u love me? 
Ru willing to risk this?  
         I   Am . 
       Your the light 
at the end of my tunnel. 
    The way to escape, 
Just by looking upon ur face. 
Seeing the beautiful smile, 
   On your lips.
 Recognizing the oceans
     In your eyes. 
  Your voice so soft and sweet            
     Coming from those
         Luscious lips.
    Getting lost in those
    Oceans and roses 
You call ur eyes and lips.
Inlovewiththorson Inlovewiththorson
3 Responses Aug 29, 2012

I get how you feel. Use how you feel as inspiration to do well. And remember, there's nothing wrong with being friends with a teacher. Me and my teacher joke and laugh like we're best friends, and if you didn't know our labels in society (teacher and student) you'd say we were just two best friends. So just try being friends with him, you might find that that's the closest you'll get, but it's the best thing ever :)

Every young girl goes through a stage of liking one of her male teachers at some point and time. Once summer of next year is over, you'll foget him. <br />
Have you ever seen ''My Girl'' . The little girl in the movie is in love with her teacher but soon gets over it .

Bless you. Your a child. It will pass and you will look<br />
Back and realise how silly you been. Plus do you want this guy to end up in jail??? Cos he would if you seduce him. Steer clear .