I Want You To Want Me Because I Want You So Bad...

I am in love with my math teacher. She is absolutely wonderful. I just want to scoop her up, runaway to the beach, and talk all day; falling asleep in each others arms. She is so intelligent, amazing, smart, kind, nice, sweet, humorous, clever, productive, helpful, beautiful, and so much more. There are 3 things wrong with my imaginary romance between us. 1. I'm her student. 2. I am a girl 3. I am only 16. She is 26. So 10 year difference isn't so bad but other than the age she is my teacher and most likely straight. I want to turn 18 and graduate highschool then come back and find her and be best friends. I can't help but think we'd have so much in common. All I want to do is be in her class all day. Even though I have an A in her class I still go to "tutoring" every time she has it. I have this cute little nickname for her. All I know is that I can't stop thinking about her and when this semester comes to an end I'm going to try and visit as often as possible. I wish so very badly that I could get her personal email address so that we could chat on a regular basis. I know it's against school policy for students and teachers to affiliate in that matter but I can't help but wonder. I dream of what hugging her must feel like. I picture her wonderful presence all the time. Anyway all I'm getting at is I have a major crush that won't go away and I wish someone could tell me how to feel better about it. Grrrr. I love you Ms. M.
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3 Responses Sep 5, 2012

I know exactly how you feel! It's sooo frustrating!

Welcome to the club Honey! I've been inlove with my "crush" for 6 years and she's 24 years older than I. I've really been actively trying to get over her lately because we've lost the closeness we once shared and she is more or less "stand-offish" with me. So when I go out of my way to be "familiar" with her and she doesn't reciprocate I feel worthless, rejected, presumptuos and stupid. But I still am totally in love with her and sexually attracted to her. But I'm hoping that I can "purge" her from my system and move on with my life!

Hi :) I think the fact that you've found someone who you feel that way for is brilliant! A lot of people don't get that. And yes, the fact she's a teacher and your a student isn't the best of situations (oh believe me, I'm so with you on this. I've felt that way about my English teacher for 3 years. I just love him. And it's so confusing with how they act with you, isn't it?) <--Sorry, that bit didn't make sense...<br />
ANYWAY, my point is, that I think you should take things slow and try and build up a friendship with her. Obviously don't overstep the boundaries, but there's nothing wrong with being friends. Make sure to let us know how everything goes with updates and stuff! :)