Still Hooked :)

Haven't written in a while :)
Well, I'm still hooked on my teacher <3 I've been in highschool for about two months now and I waited until this month to go see him again. Even though it had only been two months since the last time I saw him I felt like I was meeting him all over again. The overwhelming butterflies, the awkwardness, especially since we had been a bit romantic through text messages during those two months. But man, seeing him again in a whole new perspective after revealing our feelings for each other....Oh, yes..there was tension, but the good kind. I remember walking into his class and one of my friends had walked in before me.
My Friend: Hey, Mr. H!
Him: Hey!
(Sees me afterwards, looks down and pretends he didn't see me but starts to grin) :)
When I saw him smile I knew he was happy to see me. I managed to give him a hug (that lasted at least 5 secs) before I left and I can still smell him.
He said, "I'll see you soon, babe." That means he wants to see me again right?
*sigh* Kindred Spirits.....
Boy, do I miss him now... :)
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

That is so great!!It seems that he wants to see you again and of course he was really happy to see you there again...:)!!I really hope that you can make it and see him again...:)!!!Good luck!!:)