So Sad...

Last year, when i was 16 there was a new teacher in school. From the first glance i loved him...there was another girl that liked him, and since then we started fighting over him, knowing he wont love neither of us in return. one day the teacher came with a short haircut (he did a hair cut ^^) after that the other girl that liked him didnt like him anymore, she said he was ugly. i thought he was ugly too, yet i still couldnt loose the feeling for him...

as time passed iv emberassed myself infront of him alot of times and i clearly knew that he might even dislike me, though i tried to be a very good student. after some time i found out that his getting the day he got merried i wanted to die

after that i still couldnt loose the feeling of love towards him. i had alot of dreams about him, witch is wierd because when i was in love with others and ithought about them day and night i didnt had 1 single dream about them, yet about him i thought alot too and dreamd about him alot too.

then the end of the year came, and he said that his gonna leave teaqching and become an actor. that made me alot sad yet a bit happy because maybe now i could finally stop loving him

after some time ( when the school year didnt finish yet) i got myself a boyfriend (yay) though i loved him very much i still was thinking about my teacher a bit.

and now after a year i still thinking about him thinking to myself "maybe he will come back to visit? maybe ill meet him on the street one day?" i know its not good for me and sometimes i still dream about him

but its very hard for me to get rid of that feeling. also i feel like a terrible person for thinking about him while having a ashamed of that...

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hey i knw wat that feels situation is worse....i fell in love with my teacher...den my bst frnd fell for me...and i ended up falling for him my boyfrnd is going crazy!!!!

Don't feel ashamed. Its okay. Its not like you are cheating on your bf. The teacher that I like has also gotten haircuts before which I didnt care for but I still felt the same way about him, I have felt like he has disliked me before to because I didnt talk much; which I still dont but I think he likes me better now because I have conversations with him and we have a lot in common. We kind of have a friendship which I enjoy very much but he has one with about everyone because he is so easy to get along with and understand. I sometimes get jealous of the other students, even though I try hard not to. And I have had about 4 or 5 dreams about him too. I think about him all the time even of I try not too.. I do. I dont have a bf and dont want one for a while because right now I dont see myself with anyone but him. I hope you can get over your teacher and be happy with your boyfriend.

Have you study in class?or all time crush with your teacher?

thats a nice one

im scared to loose my teacher too, he is going back to uni to study further and i see him most days he lives near me and im afraid ill never see him again, read my story then you'd understand me :/

i totally know how that feels 'coz i have a little something for my teacher too. it sucks. bad.