He Said It!!!!

Ahh! The day came! We had one of those fabulous empowerment guys come to our school and he gave a speech that said "if you need to tell anybody anything like "I love you" or "I need you" tell them because you never know when your last day might be.". I was so emotional.

So I get back to class and run to him. I hug him as tight as I could and I whispered, "I love you." everybody was watching but I didn't care. At first he just looked around and then he smiled and hugged back and said, "I love you too, Rach."

I started crying on his shirt and telling him what he meant to me but then I just went silent and just kept looking him in the eyes.

He never took his eyes off me today.

Now he knows how I feel, even if he might have thought I was just kidding.

My life is almost complete<3
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Same happened to me with one of my young girl students.
So wonderful.
I love her.

I am happy tht u told him!! He must mean it to if he said it back!! Bu yea I am in an experience right now. It's just a simple crush I hope but I have the same feelings for my teacher as u do yours. He's married and he is 22-24 which is 9-11 yeas older than me:(

Aww wow! I'm so proud of you and happy for you!:D

That's great! I'm so proud of you :)

Wow. That must have taken amazing courage. He might have thought you were joking though since it was after that speech. I guess it depends on what kind of person you are though. If you're outgoing and funny then he probably thought of it as a joke. You have to think this through though. I'm not saying it's wrong to like your teacher as I understand exactly how you feel. And you probably know all the reasons why it's bad to act upon your feelings but really, his career is on the line if you do this so think about that a little.

I don't want him to get his career or reputation ruined. I would never try to kiss or do anything like that. I want it to happen and I will openly (one day) tell him my feelings in not a joking matter but I won't do it yet. It's to early for me and for him.... Thank you for your comment though!

Good luck!

You are very, very brave. You told him how you feel, and was excepted and feelings mutual. I wish you happiness and luck.

awww! thats so sweet, wish i was brave enough to do something like that!

Aww thanks!

i think you should step back a bit, and look at this- where do you see yourslef and him in 5 years?

Married, with me in college and him still teaching.

hmmmmmmmm?actually its not duh at all

I was just kidding.
I really do see my self in college and hopefully majoring in Writing and Arts.
Hopefully in a relationship with him.

<p>Awww...You story made me smile and nostalgic! Funny I would read this story when, just yesterday, I was thinking that it has been two years since I told her I loved her and she said it back.</p><p>My friends and I were leaving the hotel after our graduation ceremony and we passed the room where the faculty were having their cocktails and socializing. The door was slightly opened and when we looked inside she was within our line of view. We thought we were rockstars so we stormed the people's after party (they didn't care) and gave out rounds of hugs to our favourite/past lecturers. When it came time for me to hug her we booth kind had an awkward moment because another lecturer got in the way. But when we did finally embrace we held on to each for a good while with a tight squeeze. </p><p>The I said, "I love you Ms.----!" and she said, "I love you too!"</p><p>Boy I floated out of that room and for the rest of the evening. Even days after I was really stunned. I think it was the first time she ever said the words. I think when I told her I loved her before she said "thank you" or some other lame-*** reply. But that meant the world to me *blushes*</p><p>I was in such awe that I asked my best friend, who was also there and hugged her, if she ("my crush") told her (my friend) she loved her too! My friend told me "no" and asked my why would she ("my crush") do that! lol So I told her that I said it to "my crush" and she reciprocated. My friend said well yes, we ("my crush" and I) had that kind of connection but not the two of them.</p><p>I felt kinda sad when I looked back on this cherished memory. It's just that I'm always afraid and self-conscious about overwhelming and disgusting people. I know how I feel when people encrouch on my personal space. It makes me extremely mad and sickened. I don't ever want her to feel that way about me and I think she was starting to get to that place a little while aback. </p><p>However, I'm definitely going to try my luck next two weeks and tell her I love her and see if it's reciprocated again when I go to wish her happy birthday. I think I'll feel rejected, foolish, inordinate, and crushed if she doesn't say it back but it would be good to reassure her that I do and to get it off of my chest. I think keeping my distance from her probably made her feel like I don't fancy her as much, which is an absolute lie!</p><p>I'll keep you all posted on how that goes.</p>

If my teacher wasn't married, I would do this. But Im glad for you that you got to do this and have him say it back to you like that. <3

Just wish he really meant it.
Thanks for the comment though!

Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I've been trying to get him to really notice me all the time. Now I can just lay back and relax(: ugh, I love him so much.

Its amazing how liberating it is to get your thoughts and felings noticed to the person that matters. Good for you