Non<x>stop Sobs

Since yesterday morning, I haven't stopped crying and it's killing me on the inside.. I hate weekends without him. It hurts so much. :( he wasn't there Friday so of coarse I was sad and I started crying but I hid my tears until I got home. That's when the sobbing began... I think people think I'm joking that when I say that he's not near me it hurts. I'm not joking.

I just wanted to see his beautiful face and smile and smell the sweet scent of his skin (it's not just the cologne anymore, just the sweet scent of HIM is great) and just to be able to hear his voice.... But no. I had to have a stupid teacher today. At least I didn't have his real class today or I would have died. :(

I hope whatever he had to do was worth it. I'm gonna die when thanksgiving and Christmas comes. I'm going to be so lonely. :(

Okay we'll I guess goodbye.
I'm still crying. :( wahhhh. "Kiss" by me Those lips of yours, Plump and nice. Pink and soft, Not cold like ice. Warm and divine, Your lips await. The delicious taste, Of my fate. Your soft hands, Intertwine with mine. Becoming one, So divine. Let your hands, Do as they please. Around my shoulders, To my knees. Parts of my body, Never felt before. Never had the need, To go and explore. Now I feel the love, It is sweet and bliss. Just like your lips, When we kiss. "If not then 'oh well'" by me Something sweet, Something warm. Yes his lips, Come to form. Onto mine, In my head. I wish to lay, On his bed. In his clothes, In His shirt, In His boxers, We could flirt. More than that, We'll do what, We came here to Do nothing but, Find the love, We both need. Hopefully we, Will both succeed. And if not, Then oh well. We'll go back, To being swell. Here some poems... Idk if I posted them yet but whatever.
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Lovely, you know you can always talk to me. We can get through it together!