You Make My Day

I have to admit, I love more than mr.badminton. but he can make my day too you know? it was my asian history class and he was my teacher I always sat in front not because I want to but because I have to. my classmates were reporting something in front of class and there were a lot of vacant seats including the seat beside me. He was seating at the back and talking to some students while my other classmates were discussing something(watch out we have a bad *** over here, no literally, he was kicked out when he was a junior in the same school) so there I was listening, wait more like starring blankly in front because he wasn't the one discussing. I don't know maybe he got bored as well because he made fun of them by attacking them with questions they cannot answer. he went up and just made fun of them. when he was done attacking them with questions he looked at us and just picking a seat(btw the seating arrangements were by 3) of all the seats available he looked at where I was sitting at and smiled and sat there. I couldn't move because I was really nervous. we were sitting there and he just kept on smiling and he's head was so close to my shoulders. when the class ended he stood up like he was so happy because he knew that I would react that way if he did that. when I asked my friends what WE looked like and they said that he was mimicking my position. GAHD. stop it >.<

I'll post another story later :)
yourbiggestsoccerfan yourbiggestsoccerfan
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012