One Touch...

I got sick of my seat in front so I moved in the middle row. there was a guy sitting there with his bag at my back and he was really naughty. he kept on bugging mr.b so he got irritated. so he stood up and chased him! they were like little kids playing. when he got tired(he has asthma) he went to my classmate's chair and took his bag and I grabbed it at the same time. okay not because I wanted to hold his hands..I grabbed it because I thought it was mine. so when I grabbed it we both grabbed at the same place so obviously I touched his hand and when I noticed that, I quickly let go of it. he was smiling and I blushing and my classmates who saw what happened were all cheering..gahd >.<

I can still remember the date..august 2,2011..that was the date I was so happy even though it was just an example..I was sitting in front and you were discussing about courtship. I was sorta interested but my mind was occupied by something else but I was still listening. so he sat in front of me(there was a platform) and took my hand and I was surprised. then he said "beautiful young lady, will you please be mine? I promise to love with all my heart" my eyes were about to pop out of my eyes and his smile was so cute!!!! oh my f**** god! okay..sorry bout story? let me dig in my till next time?
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Wow i am so happy for you!