He Hesitated. Ugh

So today was just depressing once again. Went into homeroom and didn't look at him but he stayed RIGHT by my desk most of the time and I'm pretty sure he was just staring me down. What have a I done wrong? I don't know.

Then my next class was Theology so I went and was listening to music and doing my work and he comes in and stares right at me so I hit my head on the desk out of frustration and whatnot and HE SMILED. Like a huge smile, then started talking to my teacher and such and he asked if he could borrow some students and she was like, "sorry, they are doing work." And he's like ohhh Kay. So he left, but not before looking at me. Ughhh

And then after school I went into his class and was like, "hey.. So..." I was gonna be like, "what happened between us?" But I chickened out and asked if we had homework and he looked at me and looked straight in my eyes and was like, "uhhh...." And he kept like shaking/nodding his head and kinda looked nervous and I'm just like.... Okayy... And then he gets outta whatever he was thinking of and then goes, "um.. Yeah. No. I mean. You don't have any homework...." And I'm like, "okay. Bye then" and then he held open the door and started locking up and me and my friend were halfway down the hallway and he goes, "oh um btw we might have a pop quiz, so I'd study, okay?" And I'm just like alright....

He didn't have to tell me that. Right? I mean... C'mon. My friend was like, "that's weird that he told you that...." And I'm like Mhmmmm.

Then soccer got cancelled today and I had to stay after school and I decided to go to the basketball game being held and guess what! HE WAS THERE! And he kept passing me and looking at me from across the thing and I'm just so confused.... Idk. Ughhhh.

So I don't know what to think of today. He hesitated when I asked and just kept looking at me, like in a cute and sweet way ya know? But idk... Ugh.
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well maybe if you werent a kid, looking for a man you might have a chance a teacher sees you as a jailbait regardless of your feelings he not going to risk his career for anyone. chances are he has a gf or is married.

Not married and doesn't have a gf.

but is he a teacher>? and do you really know about the girlfriend?>

He's said so and yeah.. He's my teacher.

well dear just because he says so don't mean he was being honest with you. if i were you i'd let your fanstaty go, because he is probably seeing someone that doesn't feel the need to let his student become a apart of his personal relationships, you're out of your league

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Try asking him out to a dance?

i have been in this situation before. i was the student. he wasnt that much older.. really was too young to be teaching high school students. word of the wise.. be careful! i wish you the best!

Ignore some comments because you can be in love when you're a teenager. But yeah, aww :)

Thank you, I had such a confusing day and those comments just made it a bit worse haha

Yeah, 13-15 is way too early to truly fall in love with someone...but again, even if you think that you have a crush on him, and he probably knows it and has one on you, that's just asking for trouble. So just keep the friendship professional and nothing more than that. But I'm not saying you should listen to me, it's just if you do choose to ask him out, then what will happen if the principal finds out, and then your parents find out...he might get fired and labeled as a child offender

how old was Juliet again? 15 or 16 and she fell in love with Romeo who was 20 and i know you're about to say ohhhh its a story but history has proven that you can fall in love with at a young age and forbidden love at that.

True but in the end of that story, Romeo committed suicide and she did the same...so they never really got the chance to live together. However, they are together for eternity.

Um, actually, Romeo and Juliet wasn't meant to be a story about how true and pure their love was, despite what everyone thinks. It was supposed to be about two kids blindly rushing into a relationship and getting a ton of people, including themselves, killed. Just saying.

Hey, all that matters is that he is my Romeo and I'm his Juliet and that either this love will kill us both or spark into a eternal inferno! :)

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How old is he? And to protect his and your reputation, just keep it as friends...

34 and I know, I wouldn't do anything, I just want it to happen, but I know it won't.

I have no place to say this to you, but be careful. Anyways... Aaawwww ^.^

Haha it's alright, no worries. Thanks(:

I know where you are comming from. I had a crush on my history teacher so bad. And til this day i still have dreams of him.


lol yes you're pretty darn special cus he had to stop you and tell you that you have a pop quiz.you got a special heads up!he wants you to pass :)

I wish he would tell me! Lol

Stop making him nervous girl. It's hard being a teacher. Lol he still sounds like a weirdo. lol. Do you get the feeling he is probably with someone?

Nooooo and I don't mannn too! He's not WEIRD! Lol

I read every single story man I love it...do u post a story everyday or once and a while? I hope u get ur wish <3 big fan

Haha wow, thank you so much! I try to post everyday, If I can't, I post when something happens, or if nothing happens.
I made a wish teh other night about him, I really hope it comes true. Lately everybodies wishes are coming true except mine. My friend on here is dating her teacher and my other one got pregnant, BABIES! Lol I'm so jealous(: thank you tough, I appreciate your comments and views so much! :)