His Cowboy Shirt<3

Yesterday we came back from our thanksgiving break and Mr Ramirez seemed to be so happy I don't know why.so he didn't give us any assignment wohoooo! We only played a game about making up some questions and writing them up in a paper (simple questions that can be answered by yes or no) and then he was goin to read them as we all stand in front of a line on the floor.these kids made a lot of interesting questions,most of all the one my best friend made,when the teacher read it he smiled and then he goes "te gustan las camisetas de cuadritos?" (do you like plaid cowboy shirts?) only my best friend an I stepped up and I was like "Oh my god I LOVE THOSE and I just LOVE when the men are wearing them" and a boy goes "Pues there's one over there" the teacher was wearing one and I hadn't realized! That was the most embarrassing moment I have had in this semester,everyone was staring and laughing at me:( he only smiled and turned red as usual

Today was a little different,he was upset because we didn't bring the homework from yesterday but later he let us do it again,it was about the respect and the things you do for showing it and not showing it,and then he gave us a piece of paper that said "A toast for the change" and my best friend was like "Monica what does that mean?" so I was reading it translating for her and then she goes "Look!" he took out a bottle an some cups out of the closet! And then he told us that it was only juice and I don't know what,as we made "the toast" we made a promise about behaving in the class and being respectful with the teachers and that stuff.however,when I was leaving I'm always like the last one in going out an he was like "Monica you forgot something" so I turned around and saw him holding my purse and I go "Oh thanks sir I can't believe I almost forget it" so he smiled and then he's like "what would you do without me?" (awkward!) I just smiled back and nod my head but then he says "I'm just kidding sweetheart! So what do you have in that purse or what?" I told him "oh these are my clothes for changing myself for the soccer tryouts but they are going to be in the other campus and I have to go from here to there que weba!" and that's when he told me.."Do you want me to ride you?" oooh my dear Lord my heart skipped for a while,I pictured him and me driving in his Black Camaro,it was soooo damn beautiful<3 but then I reacted and said "It's ok sir I still have to take the bus because I have my last class in that campus" he was like "oh alrighty then..I missed you" aaaaaaaagh i never though he'd say that! "i missed you too" i answered so he turned around and grabbed something from his desk and he handed me something in a foil paper. He said "my mom made some brownies for thanksgiving they are still so good and I wanted you to try them" he remembered me!<3 I just thanked him and turned red,as he handed me the brownie he kissed my hand and told me "Good luck for the tryouts" I think I actually don't know what would I do without him
Monicalaguapa Monicalaguapa
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012