Teacher Shares The Same Attraction I Do...

I go to a small college and since I started I have had the strongest attraction to my English teacher. I emailed him asking about an assignment, and when the emails got flirty I, of course, went along with them. He has expressed his attraction for me and I am not entirely sure what to do. I am supposed to stop by his office in this next week and we have even discussed lunch. Oh, and I should probably mention that I am 19 and he is 48.
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I agree he is far too old for a kid like you. I am the same age as my teacher who I fancy he is probably eyeing up some younger hottie like you though :(

If your teacher is your same age.Flirt with him and see what happens. Maybe he doesn't want a young hottie and wants a well matured student body. You will never know if you don't try

Well, I did it and went, I slept with him, and after that I slept with him every day for about two or three weeks. I have stopped since, but I will see him when school starts up again.

So when school starts up again are you going back to sleeping with him. Or have you gotten him out of your system. Maybe he hasn't gotten you out of his system and wants to sleep with you again.

I am not sure, I know that he still wants to. So, we'll see. I have him for two classes this semester.

While your in his class,flirt with him. Show some skin or do something else to get a rise out of him.

IF it doesn't get a rise out of him. Maybe one of your fellow students gets a rise out of you. ;-)

Hahaha, this is very very true!

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Its not that I do not think a relationship between you couldn't work, but I would be careful. I would wait until the end of the semester before going on any kind of "lunch date" or any thing like that, especially to be sure that if it does not work out it will not affect your grade/ to make sure you are not accused of getting good grades because of your relationship, either. I think men that much older than us can be very experienced in managing relationships more than we can, so I would just say be careful hon. Hope this helps!