That is all I have to say.

Hope you all are doing well! <3
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I was teaching at an all girls school I fell in love with a 15 year old I organized to take her on a holiday ( long story ) it was amazing her parents consented we went to a country mansion nothing happened ( i wanted too ) we had been in love with each other for years when she turned 17 I just picked her up from the boarding school and she has lived with me ever since longest best relationship ever. we have a kid and i am the happiest man alive. I am 20 years older . I love her so much I just wish some relatives and friends would see it. she has a small frame short petite body and rather large breasts she looks allot younger than she is. people still think I am going out with a teenager. part of the emotional thing is very mature but the fantasy of her is very strong I like the idea of her looking like a teenager. she once came into the bedroom wearing her old school uniform and blew me away and told me how she felt all those years and everything she wanted to do to me. I was tormented for years. so hang in there

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