I'm So Confused! He Winked At Me!

Well today I was just so damn confused, it wasn't even funny.
Homeroom was awkward and boring, he didn't talk to me but I felt his presence and his eyes staring at me. The usual it seems to be lately.
But today in Algebra, he was different! He moved me (well everyone) around and now I sit closer to him and its possibly the best place to stare at someone from up close and whatnot. I used to be on the far end of the classroom, in a cute little corner and easy to see&watch but now, I'm closer and still easy to watch from up close haha. Then, in class, he called on me and he called me by my nickname!!! :) I smiled so much and I was unale to answer the question, not just cause of my happiness, but because I got it wrong. And he went and stood on the other side of the class and i know he was watching me cause i could see it through my ipad so i got all awkward and weird and started looking the other way and being all weird and then he MOVED TO THE OTHER SIDE where i was staring so i looked at the other side and i could hear him chuckle....Ugh.

Anyways, so then PE came and he went a played some basketball and it looked like he was trying to show off. He shot from the half court with one hand and didnt make it, and the ball landed by me and I was bending over to pick a book up and when I got up he was biting his lip and when I saw him, we locked eyes and he WINKED AT ME. guys, I was just speechless okay? I was asdfghjkl;ing in my mind. It was so great.

Then I had a soccer game, we lost :/ but we rode back and the varsity basketball team was playing (he is the coach) and I saw him and we locked eyes and he turned BRIGHT RED and quickly flicked his eyes up at the scoreboard and then back at the team. Ahhhh, he is so cute you guys(:

Then I went home and had to do SO much homework and whatnot. So sorry for the wait. Umm, yeah. Btw stop with the hate mail and comments, it's making me literally really depressed. I already get pushed around enough by my family and other kids, no need for Internet bullies.

Okay so thank you guys, have a great night(: I'm just a confused teenage girl, living the dream as to say with Michael, my glorious teacher. (: night!
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

he was checking you out girl! cute story(:

Ayyyyy that's a hot story what happened yesterday I wish u would do a story everyday I'm rooting for you 2 ❤

Aw that thing where he stepped where you were looking is so cute :) and yeah pay no attention to the trolls, they keep invading your stories. Have a good day!