Liking The Man That Everybody Likes

So yeah the other day my Chemistry teacher came into the Biology lesson to talk about the practical we have to do and he was talking to me for like ten minutes. When he left the girl sat next to me was like "OMG he was staring at me!" And it does kind of annoy me that the other girls who like him are so vocal about it at school. I mean, the man was looking at a piece of paper.

But anyway today did make me happy again because we had the practical. I couldn't get the pipette to work so he laughed at me and came to help. Well I forgot to move my hand so his hand just sort of brushed onto mine and he just looked into my eyes for a few seconds and then carried on with the pipette. But yeah it's like time slows down whenever he is around me. It went especially slow how close he was to me today. Now I have to spend my lunch with him as well because my other practical messed up which I'm not really looking forward to but it's got to be done.

Some days he makes me feel really sad but then days like today make me feel so much happier.
The2ndLaw The2ndLaw
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012