I Was, Years Ago (1)

Years after we parted ways I realised that he was my first love.

1. The Introduction

I first joined the school when I started sixth form. My father's girlfriend wouldn't let me any where near the city college where all my friends were going. I spent a lot of my first few weeks with some girls that had come from the same secondary school as me and we quickly became friends with another friendship group who had been at the school since secondary.

We would eat in the classroom that had a small office attached, one day a man came out of the office and started talking to one of my new friends. I was introduced as the "virgin" to the school to Miles who gave me a wicked grin. At the time, I really didn't notice him.

He had red hair and always wore the same pair of khaki jeans, but he was easy to get along with and he was only a few years older than me. He also had a dirty sense of humour.

Whilst moving things from my teacher's classroom to the new room, Miles and I got to talking. We soon found out that we had actually gone to the same secondary school (where he was also a sixth former for a time) and I wondered if he had ever seen me around the place before.

I spent a lot of time in the new classroom, and Photography took priority over my other subjects quite quickly. It wasn't long before I was helping Miles with his side projects (mainly photographing events).

When Miles asked me to make a short speech at the open evening one night, I was less than impressed. I'm awful at speeches; I ramble a lot when nervous. But still, I did it because I liked him. It went horribly and afterwards, when I spoke to Miles again, I told him that I had been shaking and held out my hands to prove it. Without a word he clasped them between his hands and stood there until I calmed down. I remember being like that for so long that it actually started to get a little awkward, but still he didn't let go.

I think that was the first time I saw Miles differently. It helped that it was also the first time I saw him in a suit and tie.
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wait okay sorry i know that i sound really dumb but is he your teacher i am just wondering because you call him miles and i dont know what that is suppoused to mean