I Was, Years Ago (2)

2. Bringing Me Back Down to Earth

There was a second open evening shortly after; this time the departments would stay in their classrooms and the prospective students would tour round the entire school. This meant a lot of peaks and lulls in the amount of people in the Photography department.

Myself, and a new friend I made that night, as well as a few other students and Miles, sat in the "stage" that was permanently set up for photoshoots and the like. I remember being squashed up beside him on the sofa with his arm around the back. I glanced up at him at one point and he ruffled my hair and laughed. Someone took a photo of us, but I never managed to get a copy. I wish I had.

When the crowd had gotten thin enough, Miles and I moved into the adjacent classroom to people watch. Again, we sat shoulder to shoulder on one of the desks. He told me I was his favourite student and we continued to laugh and joke as usual. Before long a spotted a woman on her own in the darkest corner of the room. Miles spotted me staring and poked me. "Whatcha looking at?" he said. I asked him who the woman was.

It was his girlfriend.

Ouch. I was crushed. Miles carried on our conversation as normal and that was that about the girlfriend. I was never introduced (not that I was complaining). I later learned that they had been together for a couple of years now, but I was surprised that I hadn't heard of her before.

Within the next couple of weeks I learnt that it was Miles' birthday. There was no time to get him a gift and I hoped he wouldn't mind too much. Later on, in the evening, some friends and I went to a bar in the city for a few drinks. Whilst making my way to the bar, a hand shot out and grabbed me. Inevitably, I screamed, but when I turned around I saw Miles and his girlfriend sat at a little table. "Hi again," I said, "Happy Birthday...again!"

His girlfriend looked bored out of her mind and it seemed like he was really glad to see me. I stood and talked briefly with him for a few minutes before he asked me to join him. I really wanted to, but I didn't want to see his girlfriend more than I had to and my friends were waiting at another table.

I left them and returned to my table with the drinks, but for the rest of the night I offered to go to the bar. In the middle of one of my long rambling stories, my friends seemed more distracted than usual. It wasn't until two hands clapped onto my shoulders that I realised why. When I turned around I saw Miles and he had come over to say that he was leaving.

As he walked out from the bar, he turned back to look at me and winked.
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he def cares about you, it sounds like he likes you but the gf grrr lol

Yeah, it's a lot clearer to me now. Unfortunately at the time I was completely confused by it all.

I really hated the fact that he had a girlfriend, worse still we ended up becoming friends for a short time. I didn't want to know her at all, I felt that if I didn't know her then I wouldn't feel as guilty about my feelings for him. But of course, that didn't work.

I ended up in a cycle of trying desperately hard not to flirt with him (to the point of ignoring him altogether) only to have him say something to me and end up with me flirting with him before I realised it.

It sucked. :/

oh yeah I've been there before. all the teacher's I've liked/like are married so I'll try to remember that but flirting is too fun sadly. Are you guys still friends?

Not at all, unfortunately he now hates me and isn't shy about telling everyone other than me. I haven't seen him in 3 years and I only hear things about him from friends (who have been back to the school to visit) or his sister who has me on Facebook (she doesn't tell me anything, but obviously I see stuff about him from time to time).

oh wow how did something so cute end so badly :( I'm sorry

That's a good question. Ha. I really don't know what happened. I guess it was just a gradual thing that pushed us apart. There's a few key incidents that I still have yet to write about. This whole thing went on for quite a while.

And thank you. :)

Oh okay that makes a lil more sense. Your welcome(:

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