I Was, Years Ago (3)

3. The Photoshoot

Before long he had "officially hired" me to be his assistant, along with another student. It was nothing more than a title really, but the three of us spent a lot of time together because of it.

Miles took on a project that lasted 2 weekends. It was a photoshoot in another city and he asked me and the other "assistant" to help him with it. It was an outdoor shoot, and although it looked warm enough, I was freezing before too long. When I mentioned it to Miles, he gave me his jacket (a knee length trench coat that swamped me).

After hours of shooting, we stopped at a nearby 50s style diner. The coffee was the best I'd ever had and unfortunately, I've not gone since. The second weekend something had happened with my wages at work and I'd not been paid. I sat in the diner feeling awkward, as Miles and the other "assistant" had full meals, as I couldn't even afford a cup of coffee.

Miles quickly picked up on this and asked me why I wasn't eating. I felt somewhat embarrassed by my lack of money that I said my stomach just felt a little bit upset. He quickly insisted that he buy me a cup of coffee at least to help settle my stomach. When he saw me eyeing his food he pushed his plate in between us and told me to help myself.

On the last day of the shoot, the other assistant proposed that we buy Miles a cake to celebrate his first paid side project. On the way back to my house that evening, Miles thanked me for the gesture and told me that it had made him really happy. I told him that it hadn't been my idea and he said that it didn't matter because I make him happy.

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Nov 29, 2012