Just Another Minute......

Okay so he was my teacher for two years but not anymore so I don't get to see him for a whole lesson (50mins) now:( its down to just a few seconds-a few minutes about twice per day. Sometimes I don't see him at all for a whole day and it just makes my day the worst.

Whenever I see him it brightens up my whole day and I always catch him staring and when in the canteen he knows exactly where I sit and locks eyes with me :P

Yesterday was different. It was amazing!! I saw him six times! Hehehehehe and all the those times I could see him staring and he smiled too!

I have to rely on my friends in his class to give me info now :/ and I'm forever thinking of ways to go see him.

Any ideas on a code name?? I like malteasers... Lol
Thanks for reading guys loving all your stories :D xx
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I think Malteasers is a great name. :P I used to call my crush Snickers and there's another girl on here that called hers Marsbar.

That's a cool name! :D and thanks lol x