I Was, Years Ago (5)


The week after the break-in I was kicked out and moved in with my mum. I was obviously upset and I was feeling guilty about my relationship with Miles. Part of me was angry that he didn't seem to care more, and the more rational part of me was angry with myself for even flirting with a man in a relationship.

I decided not to go into school for the next week. I couldn't face anyone else at the time and I was still thinking through my feelings for Miles. I put my mobile to one side and slept through most of the week.

The first day I didn't show up to school I got a text from Miles saying, "Hey Hun. Where r u? I'm worried xx" I'm sure many of you know how frustrating it is when you're trying to get over someone and they do something like that. I didn't reply, I couldn't really think of what to say. I wanted to tell him what happened but I also wanted him to worry.

At the end of the week I decided to go in to sort out some revision sessions with my teacher. Baggy hoodie, no makeup, hair a mess. My friends and my teacher all seemed really concerned and thankful that I had shown up at all but Miles refused to look at me. I went back home 20 minutes later. I felt awful.

MiaMia0991 MiaMia0991
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012