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Wanna know what happened today? HE TALKED TO ME! Yayayayayay
Well what's happened today has been you know, I guess better. A whole lot better. I mean he's so confusing and he's definitely flirting but he's teasing me and I know it :/

Okay so I walked in class all smiley and this girl accidentally hit my boobs and we laughed and it was right in front of his desk and he was watching and he started smiling about it and I couldn't help but look at him, it was so hilarious.

Then for announcements, he stood by my desk (as usual) but instead of just standing like a foot away and straight up like a normal person, he was on top of my desk (literally) and putting his pelvis towards my face. (My face is like where his pants are, so it's kinda glorious lol) so his dinggy was in my face ALL during class and I know he noticed because he was practically shaking it in front of my face, lol. I asked him if he was okay and told him that even though the boys team last night lost that they did great and I asked him how his thanksgiving was and he told me. Then I started getting really nervous and kind of had a mini panic attack and he was in the middle of saying something and then I guess he noticed so he stopped mod sentence and started fondling with my book bag and (my name is on my backpack) and he started tracing my name on my backpack. And he started getting all red in the face while doing it and smiled like a cute little boy and awww he was just so cute!!

But then he got up and went by his desk got out his phone and started texting, and then this girl said something and he got really mad and gave us a HUGE speech and it looked like it was directed for me, even though I didn't say anything. I thought I heard the bell ringing so I started getting ready to go so he got even madder and was like, "it's not time to go..." And I'm like, "psssshhh I knew that." And sat down and quietly said, "why do I do everything wrong?"
Then it was time to leave and whatnot.

Then in the hallway, I saw him and he avoided me but kept eye contact. I was laughing with my friends and he looked straight at me and I smiled but he just kept walking and I was like, "well then."

Then my friend who is our Vice President, is in charge of getting Teacher Appreciation Cards in for teachers tomorrow. She knows that I like him but not like that. Guess what? We were able to pick our teachers and as I'm going to pick him, my name is already put onto the list. She grabbed my spot ahead of time! SUCH A NICE GIRL! And I asked why and she said, "idk cause you talk about him a lot and you seem to really care for him. A lot of people wanted him, so you're lucky I did!" And I was so happy, it was great.

Basketball Game time:
I came straight from soccer, sweaty and all. I walked inside and sat down. I was the only girl in there.... Yay. So I was bored and whatnot and he comes out of his office, does a double take and waves and goes, "Hey Rach!" I started smiling and I waved back and said hey. He smiled and went to go get his team to huddle up. Then during the game he looked at me several times and smiling and stuff. Gahh, I hope he noticed that I left early and asks why.

Hope everyone had a good day, I'm guessing mine was actually a pretty positive day aha.
arcticray arcticray
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012